A late birthday and other bits haul.

Hey lovelies! This is a very late birthday and other bits haul, as my birthday was more than seven weeks ago…But anyway, the time has definitely come to show you some of what I got! (Disclaimer as usual: I’m not bragging in any way, I love reading and watching hauls, but if you don’t then just click away!) I’ve only included a few bits of what I got, so you may see some other new bits and pieces popping up in other posts! And you can tell why taking pictures at night is a bad way to go…The flash makes your pictures look awful, but come on, who doesn’t like three posts in one day?;)


  • That snuggly jumper that you can see on the far right is from New Look, and it’s the best darn thing ever. Especially for keeping me warm and snug for Winter!
  • The scarf in the bottom corner was from one of my oldest friends Phoebe, and it’s the most gorgeous thing; the pattern’s lovely!
  • That black thing there…Those are knee-high socks, and I got some more of those in different colours for my birthday, and I love pairing them with skater skirts and dresses for a bit of class;)
  • My stripy jumper is the best thing ever. My grandparents got it for me from France, so it’s a proper French, thick jumper, and oh, I feel like Amelie in it!
  • I had to fold up this over-sized smock tee-shirt dress, so it looks slightly mushed up, but all I can say is New Look, well done.


  • First of all, of course I need to dash off to Boots for some new dry shampoo when I’m all out. It’s an essential, and Batiste always does it for me!
  • I thought I’d join in with the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer trend, and to be honest I don’t like it at all…Please don’t hate me, but all the colours didn’t really suit my skin colour, so I picked up this one, and it was a wrong choice…It doesn’t blend in too well, and it creases on my eyes.
  • I popped into Primark to get a pack of cute earrings, as I only have two pairs!
  • In the star pouch is one of my pairs of earrings that I got for my birthday…Cute little butterfly studs!
  • This cute stripy ring matches my stripy jumper and makes for a perfect duo for a night out!
  • Aren’t these tweezers the cutest thing?! It makes plucking my eyebrows actually enjoyable…
  • This lipstick was one that my mummy quickly picked up for me for Halloween as I wanted a really fun bright pink!
  • I’m loving these Real Techniques brushes a lot at the moment, and I definitely recommend them (I recently just washed them, so I can’t wait to reapply my make-up as if they’re new again!;))

004A few books I was gifted! (Currently loving Cheryl’s at the moment;))

005See, this is why no one should take pictures at night. But on a serious note, all these CDs are perfect.

What have you been hauling recently?

Tallulah xoxo



  1. Lauren said:

    I love cheryl’s book so much:’) the fault in our stars is amazing too x

    • Aw yeah I’m loving it so far:’) I’m going to be reading the fault in our stars afterwards and i can’t wait:’)xoxo

      • Lauren said:

        How far in are you? Her story is so inspiring:’) just be prepared to be emotionally broken for a while after 😉 xx

      • Haha aw:’) I’m around the middle I think…Just after the fight where she had to go to court and do community service…Or something:’)xoxo I love it so far!

      • Lauren said:

        how far in are you? her story is very inspiring with everything she’s been through:’) just be prepared to be a bit emotionally destroyed for a while after reading fault 😉 xxx

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