Beauty things I suck at.

004Hey lovelies! I’ve been seeing this little sort of tag floating around the internet recently, and I thought I might as well join in the fun! I’m ill again today, so it’s a perfect opportunity to just try and write down some of my thoughts and rambles whilst trying to recover!

1. Blending foundation: Okay, I recently bought some Real Techniques brushes to help me blend all my foundation and other skin-y stuff in properly, so this is hopefully helping, but I just find myself spotting weird orangey patches on my skin when it definitely shouldn’t be there! Hmmm, help me someone.

2. Contouring: Ugh, okay I have to admit to just randomly rubbing on bronzer, blush and highlighter in places where I think it looks all right. I’m definitely not skilled at it at all. I try, oh I really do, but I’m no genius when it comes down to it.

3. Eyebrows: Urm, no. I cannot do it. I like to use eyeshadow to fill them in (I found an amazing shade that matches my hair colour in a Rimmel London trio!) and sometimes they turn out fine…But other times it just ends up awfully. Anyone have any tips?!

4. Skin care: I don’t care as much as I should when it comes down to skin-care. All I really do is pop on a facemask occasionally, wash my face, put on some spot cream and moisturise. I don’t even need moisturiser because my skin is normally all teenager-y and greasy (ew.) That’s how simple it is! I know I don’t even need to do that much stuff to my face, but I just feel so lazy…

5. Nails: I just don’t care for them at all. Sometimes I like to go all out and actually paint them, but I’m so rubbish at carefully applying nail varnish neatly, and I never get away with them painted at school, so I don’t see any point in them for me!

Up above is a picture with all my every-day make-up on, so you can see exactly what I’m talking about…

Tallulah xoxo


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