What I’m already loving this Autumn/Winter.

001Hey lovelies! I’ve been pondering whether to do this post, but as I’m sure enough getting into the Christmas spirit, I thought I may as well do a ‘What I’m already loving this a/w’ post…Ya know, cause I’m mainstream and all.

1. Chai Lattes: This is like Heaven and Christmas in a cup, and just sipping this at night in front of the telly in a bundle of blankets, or reading your favourite book with a hot water bottle, makes for a soothing, luxurious night in. (Oh, how I want to do this right now…)

2. The rain: Tip tap, tip tap; it’s so soothing listening to the rain at night whilst all warm and snug and drifting off to sleep. I sound like a poet (and I don’t even know it…;)), but seriously it’s the greatest thing.

3. Parties: It’s obviously party season! So many of my friends are having cute little parties (I had a great time at one this weekend), and this is obviously going to get me into a good mood, and get me into the Christmas spirit!

4. Dark lips: Dark, luxurious colours like plums and reds are a definite must this season, and the odd tip to feeling brave and good about yourself! I’m loving matte, chic red shades at the moment, such as the Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 001.

5. New TV and Films: There are so many new TV shows that I’m already hooked on this season, such as Made in Chelsea, Suburgatory, Drifters, Big Bang Theory, Atlantis and X Factor, and even more to come…The big Doctor Who extravaganza will be hitting our screens this month (23rd on BBC1) and the next addition to the Hunger Games trilogy (Catching Fire) will be out at the cinemas soon this month (21st) too!

What are you loving this season?

Tallulah xoxo


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