What’s up?

Hey lovelies! So this is going to be a really random post full of stuff that’s been happening and just all of my rambles…I was stuck for things to write about, so I suppose this can be a ‘What’s up?’ post, which I may or may not do regularly, as I’ve given up on the usual Sundays posts…I suppose this is also a little inspiration post too!

What I’ve been up to:

1456487_478424042273656_713102556_nSo nothing much has happened recently, apart from a few parties, looking forward to Catching Fire on Friday…Found out my ear was infected and also a rather large amount of tests…But there was Halloween (I did a post on that here), and also Fireworks night of course! (Toasting marshmallows on candles because we’re cool, watching fireworks, writing our names with sparklers, eating soup by the bonfire…) Oh and there’s me up above looking rather excited with a sparkler…

What I’ve been buying:

hmprodLook what I found on the H&M site…This beautiful Reefer jacket which is a dupe for this Zara classic! I’ve ordered it, so hopefully it shall be coming in a few days time! I ordered it when it was half price, but unfortunately it’s now gone back to the big old £39.99.

What I’ve found on Ask:

BV_kHfeIcAAFqgCI adore Miley Cyrus. Yes I do, don’t hate, as I know that people either love or hate her, but I have to say, wow, she looks so different!

What I’ve found on Youtube:

mqdefaultJoe‘s recent innuendo bingo video. I do love these innuendo bingos that Joe always seems to do. He went on the BBC to do one of their innuendo bingos and it was hilarious! They always make me laugh, and with Caspar on there too, what’s not to love…?!

What I’ve found on Tumblr:

tumblr_mnmkh7VqdD1rxsegso1_250This photo has been everywhere around Tumblr, and it’s definitely my favourite tumblr-esque picture at the moment, just because of how truthful it is! My wifi keeps going down recently, and it’s rather annoying, so this is definitely how I feel!

What I’ve found on Twitter:

e493ea0eac6bccdb89b67bc6605b21bbAnd back to Caspar…He’s just hilarious when he tweets, so of course one of his tweets has got to be my favourite, and it’s this one:

1+1= a window

It’s hilarious because it’s true, and it’s just typical Caspar;)

So…What’s up?

Tallulah xoxo

(I don’t own any of these photos, apart from the one at the top, but there’s either a link to them, or I’m not sure who they belong to!)

Now listening to:

Disposable Playground: Corduroi

Willow Beats: Alchemy

Closure In Moscow: A night at the spleen

Adam Barnes: She will stay beneath the moon

M.A.D: Toyboy

Foxes: Youth

Lou Reed: Perfect day

Swiss Lips: Carolyn

Storm Queen: Look right through

Ed Sheeran: I see fire


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