Winter style staples.

Hey lovelies! Sorry it’s been a while, feels like I haven’t posted in ages! Today I thought I’d start off with a post all about winter style staples. I got the idea from Anna, and I thought it would be awesome to show you what I’ll be wearing this winter!

1455939_478541512254415_88746964_n1. Party dresses. (Like the one above! Sorry it’s a bad photo…) It’s the party season so we obvs need to stock up on pretty dresses, whether they be over-sized tee-shirt dresses, or cute lbds. Pair them with a clutch, kimono and some flats and you’re out the door!

2. Gloves! Of course gloves will just HAVE to make an entrance during winter, as my fingers are always freezing! Whether they’re penguin ones or just plain black, anything will do!

3. Cute little booties are always a must at this time. I need to ditch the summery converse and get on the boot bandwagon!

4. Brogues are pretty cute for this time of year too. Especially for parties when you don’t want to go the whole hog, freezing your tootsies off in heels, or feeling like you’ve gone too far in keeping warm, and have just gone out in UGG boots. (Yolo.)

5. Snoods are an awesome investment. You can get them anywhere, such as Primark for a cheap buy (but just as a warning, my Primark one brought me out in a rash, so just be careful of those ones…) They’re snuggly and warm, and make your outfit that extra bit more special…

6. Gilets have made a big impact on my life as I just love anything big, fluffy and warm! Edged with leather, or just looking like a big ball of fluff, anything will do (as long as it keeps me cosy!)

7. Band tees are everywhere. Vests have been ditched, and boring plain long-sleeves are just too…Boring. Band tees go with everything and anything.

8. Band tees would also look great paired with…A leather jacket! Leather jackets are just anyone’s essential during winter, and even summer. My friend (hey Ciara;)) told me the other day that she didn’t own a leather jacket, and I just stared at her in awe…And agony.

What are your winter style staples?

Tallulah xoxo


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