Lbloggerschat interview.

105Hey lovelies! Today’s post is just a quickie, as I’m feeling the need for an early night…I did a cute mini interview over on the lbloggerschat blog, and I thought that I would share it with you, just in case you hadn’t seen it…I hope you like it!:)

The interview:

Hey lovelies! I’m Tallulah, and I blog over at Simply My Thing! Okay, so if you already follow my blog, you will know that I mostly blog all about fashion and beauty, (I am obsessed. Help me.) but I LOVE to blog about everything and anything as well…I’m 15 years old (I started my blog at 13), and I am LOVING it! I love reading blogs and just gathering loads of inspiration to blog and write about!

Before I started blogging, I read a few blogs, including Arabella, Shiny Thoughts and Wish Wish Wish! I loved their style and how their personalities shone out in their writing…Plus, I am obsessed with the photography over on Carrie’s blog…It’s just ah-mazing! This is basically how I caught the blogging bug! That, and magazines, as well as my aunty and cousin, who kept telling me to make a blog, as I was always reading, writing and informing everyone on advice for fashion and make-up!

My favourite thing about blogging has got to be all the wonderful bloggers and blogs that you discover and get to meet! I recently went to Sophie etc.’s London Bloggy Meet-Up, and it was an amazing opportunity, to get to meet so many wonderful bloggers, including the one and only Lisette from Lisette Loves! (Such an inspiration for me!)
My most read post is about DIY youtubers that I love…I published it quite a while back, and I’m quite shocked at how many views it got, considering it’s actually quite poor! (Well that’s what I think, ugh, never satisfied!)
What’s my favourite post?! Hmmm, that’s a tricky one…I don’t know, probably one of my OOTD posts…I really like my Pushin’ On post, as I got a lot of views for that, and loads of compliments!
Life hacks? Well I’ll give you a beauty hack! Waterproof mascara is so difficult to get off sometimes, (!!!) but if you just use a bit of oil (olive oil is easy), massage a little bit into your lashes until the mascara starts to break away, wipe if off using a cotton pad, and then rinse, then it’s all done in a jiffy!
My favourite blogger at the moment is definitely Kayla Hadlington! Her style is just incredible…So wacky, but extremely beautiful! She really inspires me to mix different trends and pieces, and to just go for it and not care about following trends or worry about what people think! She also has so many amazing items of clothing, and I adore her hair and of course, her personality!
Thank you so much for interviewing me @LbloggersChat! It’s such an honour and I really enjoyed answering these questions alotalotalot!
Tallulah xoxo

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