Match my style.

Hey lovelies! I was looking back through some old bloggy pictures, and found a few outfits that reminded me of ones from the likes of Carrie, Jazmine and Olivia! I realised that some of our outfits were similar, and I thought I’d just show you our outfits, as I’ve realised that because they’re my favourite fashion bloggers, their fashion sense has obviously just rubbed off on me!

Trend 1: The fluffy pink jumper and floaty grey skirt/dress ensemble.

PicMonkey Collage fluff and swingFluffy pink jumpers are of course all the rave right now, and I’m not surprised at all! As seen on me, pairing it with a cute tee dress and little jacket creates the perfect day-time look, and as seen on Jazmine, you can definitely make it into more of a chic day look, which can also turn into a night-time outfit. The grey dress that I’m wearing is just an essential for me, and me and Carrie are basically wearing it in the same sort of way and style, with just a cute little jacket over the top of the dress along with other bits and bobs added to the mix.

Trend 2: The over-sized black and white tee-shirt dress.

PicMonkey Collage teeOver-sized tee dresses are definitely a big style staple for me. They work for any season and can be dressed up or down. They’re such a cute little investment and work with anything.

Trend 3: The floppy hat.

PicMonkey Collage floppyFloppy hats were a big hit for me in the Spring/Summer, and I can see they must have been for Olivia too. Many a style blogger have been sporting these beauties, and there’s no wonder why! They work with anything and everything, and act as a great extra to glam up an outfit!

What recent trends have you been loving, and who’s style has been rubbing off on you recently?

Tallulah xoxo


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