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28 1 2 3 22 Miley Cyrus Can't Stop in Miami5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 26 27 29Hey lovelies! A rather chilled out post than the one before, as I think I may have rambled on too much in that one, especially when I was in a rush…Does that post even make sense?!:’) And as always these pictures don’t belong to me, as I re-blogged them all on my tumblr, so go have a look.

I peeked into the sales today in my local town and found some wonderful bargains at Fat Face…Have you taken a look at the sales near you yet? I also want to thank all my instagram followers, as I’ve been getting such lovely comments on my ig, and I love all the support that you guys give me! I wanted to ask you all a question…What are your goals for 2013? I don’t really have any, so I need some ideas! Maybe some for the blog, as well as resolutions for myself! And just another quick question…What should I do with my hair? I’m really not happy with it at the moment, from trying out new hairstyles and fiddling with my parting, to wondering whether to go blonder, shorter, ombreing my hair or maybe even getting a fringe…What do you think?

Tallulah xoxo


My fashion favourites 2013Hey lovelies! Today’s trip down memory lane occurs of me showing you some snippets of my style, which has gradually changed and adapted throughout this year. My blog has become a much bigger, important aspect in my life, and I’m so happy with what’s come along with the blog; people I’ve met, talking to my readers and so many big opportunities! I’ve been enjoying having my blog as a little space where I can just talk about anything, and can just come to whenever I want some time to just put all my energy into writing, making me become a much more positive person. My hobby for writing has progressed from writing stories when I was younger, to writing to you guys and hopefully this will all pay off when studying for my English GCSEs! I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you for everything that’s happened in 2013 and all the support for this part of my life, which will hopefully carry on and grow into the next year. I wish you all the best, and a happy new year!

Tallulah xoxo

131225-145120 131225-145413 131223-141314 131225-220215Hey lovelies! Wow, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! (Or just a lovely day if you don’t celebrate it!:)) I know I did, looky, I got a new guitar and it is beautiful!:’) THIS IS MAHOGANY! (All my fellow Hunger Games fans will get that quote;)) My new dress is pictured below, and then my awesome stripy jumper which was taken a while back, and my new spotty onesie! If you guys want me to do a haul, then just comment below, because I know a few people (including myself) like reading or watching hauls, but it’s in no way bragging! I just personally find them fun to watch, but I don’t know whether I should?

I hope you all have a very lovely Boxing day, and I shall be chilling with the family eating a ton of food like yesterday, recovering from this darn cold that I’ve suddenly got and watching some sleepy Christmas films! What will you be doing?

Tallulah xoxo

1491714_497226957052537_1501802717_nHey lovelies! The #BritishBloggerSelection theme for last week is supposedly on bargains that I’ve found…And I thought I’d make a whole list on things to do this Christmas Eve…Either fun free things to do with the family or some cheap days out! (Does that count as bargains I’ve found…? I think so;))

1. Paint your nails: Get those glitter polishes out and those classic Christmas colours and make sure those talons look perfect!

2. Spa time: Maybe take a lush bath and get those skin-care products out to polish up for the big day! You need to be looking fresh before you scoff all the chocolates!

3. Read: Get those festive books and magazines out and let you’re mind wander and just relax!

4. Cosy up: Chuck on the knits, big festive jumpers and bobble hats…Go wild!

5. Belt out those tunes: Have a sing-along with the family or head out to sing some carols!

6. Open a sneaky present early: Of course I’ve opened a few presents early…I’ve opened the ones my friends gave me, because you just have to open presents they give you in front of them…Right?! (Such a good excuse;))

7. Make sure all the decorations are up: Get those lights up and maybe even go for a walk to look at all the lights around your street!

8. Get those festive films out: A Christmas Carol (Disney all the way), Elf, The Grinch and Polar Express have got to be my faves…Sit down, grab the choccies and have a little family movie together!

9. Light those candles: Yankees, Diptyques…Hello beauties.

10. Get baking: Honeycomb brownies anyone?!

11. Go to a party: Maybe catch-up with some family or friends and have a little pre-Christmas feast! 

12. Sort those presents: Make sure you’ve bought all those gifts and you’ve got them wrapped and ready…

13. Go to a festive venue: I think some ice skating and Winter Wonderland is on the agenda…

14. Go to the cinema: I’m off to see The Hobbit today! (The second one obvs) I’ve been wanting to see it for ages, so my daddy’s going to take me. Nora‘s been telling me that it’s amazing, so I’m beyond excited!

15. Make a gingerbread house: Grab a last-minute how-to kit from somewhere like Sainsbury’s or Lidl and stick those gum drops on!

What’s your plans for today?

Tallulah xoxo

Hey lovelies! GUYS IT’S OFFICIALLY CHRISTMAS EVE OMG. So this #BritishBloggerSelection post is all about what I’ve been loving this winter, and one of those things just HAS to be all the Christmas decorations! I thought I’d just make this a post full of pictures of some of the wonderful decor around my house!

047 062 001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010I hope you liked these little pictures of snippets of decorations around my house, and other festive bits and bobs…Have a good one!

Tallulah xoxo

001Hey lovelies! So I know a lot of you will probably be last-minute shopping this Christmas Eve, so here are a few gift ideas to get your hands on, or to maybe even add to your own wish list!;)

1. Everyone loves DVDs, so getting your mitts on a few film to give someone this Christmas would be a perfect gift for anyone, especially a lovely festive film!

2. Cute stationary is a must for any blogger or aspiring writer, so this would make a lovely little gift! You could even give it to them as a little back-to-school gift for the new year!

3. Cosy knits are a must for anyone at this time of year! Bobble hats, mittens, scarves and jumpers are everyone’s favourites!

4. Make-up is a lovely idea for any girl into beauty and make-up, especially beauty bloggers…*Hint hint*;)

5. Jewellery, such as midi rings, chunky chain necklaces and bangles are perfect for dressing up at New Year’s and for Christmas parties!

6. Lush goodies would be great for lovely baths this time of year to help you calm down and relax! I’m definitely having a Lush bath tonight…Mark my words!

What gifts have you got for the family this year?

Tallulah xoxo

27 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 13 14 duality 16 17 18 19 20 2124 23  25 26 29 31 28 3238 3739 Hey lovelies! Just a little tumblr-esque post for you all today…And guess what?! It’s Christmas Eve Eve! (Yep, I’m just that cool). Two more sleeps guys! (These pictures don’t belong to me, but you can find them all on my tumblr!)

Tallulah xoxo

P.S. A few people have been stealing my photos on instagram from my account and claiming them as their own, so what do you guys think I should do? I’ve reported them and I think the pictures have since gone down, but do you think I should from now on watermark my photos?

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