Rimmel and their wonders.

001Hey lovelies! Ohmegosh how late am I for the #BritishBloggerSelection post for last week?! Argh, the #BritishBloggerSelection post for this week will go up some time this week though, so that’s a good sign! *Bad Blogger Alert*

So, let’s get crackalacking…Last week the theme was ‘What’s your favourite make-up brand’? Which wasn’t too hard for me, as I only really get my make-up from the drug-store, because of the off-putting price tag of high-end products, and come one…I’m only 15, I can’t afford it! So Rimmel just has to be it for me, as I’ve always reached out for Rimmel products ever since I started getting into make-up, and I never really branch out to other cosmetics brands, as Rimmel always seem to impress me! I think I’m just going to have to say a few of my all-time favourite products from them now…It’s definitely in order, isn’t it?!

1. Match Perfect Foundation:

A great all-rounder foundation when you want a light, dewy finish to cover any redness and blemishes.

2. Lasting Finish By Kate Moss Lipstick:

My lipstick shade is in 01, and this is a perfect true red, which is great for a/w.

3. Stay Matte Pressed Powder:

Of course everyone raves about this beauty, and because I’m a teenager, of course I’m going to suffer from oily skin, so I definitely need a great powder to stop myself from looking shiny! I have the translucent shade which keeps my skin looking matte and fresh throughout the day, unlike other powders which just make me look orange and cakey!

4. Soft Khol Kajal Eye Pencil:

This is just a great eye-liner to use on the go for little touch-ups.

5. Scandal Eyes Precision Micro Eye Liner:

I used to wear winged eye-liner all the time a while back, and I’ve just started getting into the winged eye trend again, now that we’re coming into Winter. This one is truly perfect, and a great, cheap bargain!

6. Purple Kohl Liner:

This is quite an old eye-liner, so maybe I should throw it away, but I just cannot part ways with it, as throughout Summer it gave a great purply colour to my eyes, which brought out my blue irises. On some people it can make your eyes look slightly red, but I don’t find it does that to me.

7. Apocalips Lip Lacquer:

I’ve got the Apocalips lip lacquer in Big Bang, and this is the prettiest glossy red shade that I’ve ever tried on my lips! Definitely a winner for me.

8. Stars Glitter Eye Shadow:

Quite an old product, but still a must for me when I just want to add an extra sparkly glow to my eyes to make them stand out. Perfect for a pick-me-up!

9. Professional Eye Brow Pencil:

Of course, I have this in the 002 Hazel shade which everyone goes on about, and it really is a babe of a product, I have to say! It’s not too heavy on my brows, and the brush is perfect for making sure my brows are in place!

10. Scandal Eyes Shadow Paint:

I bought this last week, and oh my, how wonderful it is! I have it in the shade Rich Russet, and it’s become a firm favourite of mine when it comes to a pop of eye-shadow! The shade is very similar to Maybelline’s Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze, but the shade is a much deeper tone, which can blend in a bit more easily, although it does dry quite quickly which is a downer, and the formula isn’t as good as Maybelline’s creamy consistency!

What’s your favourite make-up brand?

Tallulah xoxo

  1. I love rimmel so much and have most of the products listed on here! I recently picked up the Apocalips Big Bang and I’m not too sure how to wear it do you wear it with winged eyeliner, dark eyebrows? I don’t wear red often but I couldn’t resist buying because it’s such good pigmentation! Xxx

    • You could go the whole way and wear it with dark eyes, dark brows and a red lip (I would wear this for a night-time look) Or for an everyday look I would go with subtle eyes, the red lip and dark or light brows:) Any way works!:)xoxo And yes it’s so good!

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