The chunky knit jumper phase.

Hey lovelies! So of course when it’s Winter time, and Christmas is right around the corner, we all get our lovely chunky knits and festive, tacky Chrimbo jumpers out to wear everywhere we go. I’m having a bit of a phase right now where I will not where anything without a statement knit, as I’m sure the rest of you are probably having too. I think it’s some sort of addiction, and I need help, but maybe it’s just me being a bit too overexcited, as you can probably tell.

363435331. The first in this selection of various knits is my trusty New Look cream fluffy jumper, which has been seen in various places throughout my blog. It goes with anything, such as light denim jeans and a tee, or even a casual dress with a statement necklace. It’s perfect for throwing over anything, and for chilling at home on lazy days.

2. This next one is my lovely New Look owl printed fluffy jumper, which has a sort of tail at the back, which is quite cute! I wear this with various items of clothing, such as my pjs for added laziness…Oooh, look out for a post on that coming soon! And also with cute skater skirts for some edge.

3. This striped number is such a classic for any occasion or event. Stripes are always on trend, and having a go-to striped jumper is perfect for layering, or just pairing with some skinny denim jeans.

4. The next one is my dark wooly H&M jumper, which is cropped and perfect for chucking over a dress or adding a lovely gold chain over the top for some colour. It’s so simple, yet such an essential!

Are you obsessed with chunky knits like me?

Tallulah xoxo

P.S. I haven’t included some other of my warm cosy knits, as some are in the wash at the moment, like my pink fluffy jumper, sorry!

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