Bumble&Bumble’s Thickening Hair Spray.

1475939_496380813803818_1089961232_nHey lovelies! So on the agenda today is a little #BritishBloggerSelection post on haircare! I wanted to specifically do it on one product though, just because I think this product deserves more of a little mention as I don’t think it’s been on my blog before! It’s of course this wonderful mini hairspray from Bb which I got free with Elle magazine one time, and I absolutely love it! Let’s get on to why that is…

I mist this beauty all over my hair after straightening it to hold my hair in place. It’s a great cult travel beauty essential, and instantly adds volume and lift to my otherwise limp and wispy hair! I can definitely feel and slightly see the extra thickness and lift it provides, although some say that they don’t see much of a change. It’s quite greasy and smells a lot, but I personally love the smell, as it smells quite refreshing, and reminds me of my time in Mallorca when I used this constantly!

I personally wouldn’t go the whole hog and buy the large £21.50 bottle, but this is perfect as a one-off freebie and really does suit my needs, acting as a 2 in 1 hairspray and volumizer!

Have you tried this hairspray?

Tallulah xoxo


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