Last minute shopping gift guide.

001Hey lovelies! So I know a lot of you will probably be last-minute shopping this Christmas Eve, so here are a few gift ideas to get your hands on, or to maybe even add to your own wish list!;)

1. Everyone loves DVDs, so getting your mitts on a few film to give someone this Christmas would be a perfect gift for anyone, especially a lovely festive film!

2. Cute stationary is a must for any blogger or aspiring writer, so this would make a lovely little gift! You could even give it to them as a little back-to-school gift for the new year!

3. Cosy knits are a must for anyone at this time of year! Bobble hats, mittens, scarves and jumpers are everyone’s favourites!

4. Make-up is a lovely idea for any girl into beauty and make-up, especially beauty bloggers…*Hint hint*;)

5. Jewellery, such as midi rings, chunky chain necklaces and bangles are perfect for dressing up at New Year’s and for Christmas parties!

6. Lush goodies would be great for lovely baths this time of year to help you calm down and relax! I’m definitely having a Lush bath tonight…Mark my words!

What gifts have you got for the family this year?

Tallulah xoxo

  1. Kavi said:

    Love this guide! 🙂 x

      • Kavi said:

        No problem! Have a lovely Christmas beaute xoxo

      • Aw thankyou! You too lovely:’)xoxo

      • Kavi said:

        No problem! Thank you too 😉 what you hoping for?xoxo

      • Hehe:) Urm nothing special really just some rookie yearbooks, music lessons, clothes, make-up, a new school bag…You?xoxo

      • Kavi said:

        Ooh! I want make up too and a camera so I can get my YouTube channel back up again!xoxo

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