Wishful Wednesday.

1909194_530288997079666_33368679_oHey lovelies! Okay, so I may have missed three days worth of blog posts…But of course no on noticed…I think?! Anyway, of course I’m going to make it up to you and fill you in on all the posts that I’ve missed out!

Sooo, instead of the old wishful Wednesday, I’m instead going to fill you in on some items that I’ve recently purchased or picked up! I think this sort of counts? I’m been wishing for all these things recently, so please say this counts?!

1. The chunky denim jacket: I’ve been looking for the perfect over-sized denim jacket in a looong while, and I think I may have finally found it! I have plenty of fitted denim jackets and tops, but I’ve never found the right over-sized one, but this ticks all the boxes!

2. The stash of gold rings: I’ve been wanting to stock up on statement gold rings and cute midi rings, so I’m overjoyed that I finally got my hands on these!

3. The coral tee: It is definitely nearly Spring…This cute tee is perfect for when the weather finally starts to clear up, I can’t wait to wear it with shorts when it’s finally warm enough!

4. The new school bag: My purple satchel may have had the strap ripped clean off on the last day of school, so I had to pick this sturdy holdall up from Accessorize. It’s such a beauty! Very large so that I can fit all of my school stuff in it, but also a great bag to take with me when I’m just going out for the day!

5. The feathers: These feathery beauties are the cutest! They’d go with anything and glam up any outfit.

6. This Heisenberg top is just the best. Okay?!

What have you been wishing for or buying recently?

Tallulah xoxo

P.S. I just want too apologise for the appalling quality and lighting of the picture at the top! I had to use my phone and had to take it late at night…I know you can’t even really see the jacket or rings, sorry!


  1. Love the haul! Where did you get the Heisenberg tee?! I must have it!!

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