Motivational Monday.

63060_531229110318988_1172472724_nHey lovelies! Ugh, so I have to write something motivational when right now I feel so unmotivated I could eat a big tin of biscuits all to myself. (Anyone ever do that? Nope? Just me then…) It’s Monday, and ugh, I hate Mondays. It’s also the first day of term as well, so I feel so drained and tired, as I’ve also just been out to an orchestra rehearsal for an hour and a half after school, which takes half an hour to get to…And then back. I’m supposed to be revising, but procrastination is just at it’s worst, so I thought I’d come here and just pour all my feelings out onto this, er, not page…Post. Yes, post.

Shall I tell you something extremely embarrassing that happened today? (You probably won’t find it embarrassing…) Okay, I was basically walking around school in bright blue tights, thinking that they were navy, but when stepping into the light (it was actually pretty sunny today!), they were bright blue. I got my art folder and just ran across each block from lesson to lesson, trying to cover my legs out of embarrassment. My friends, of course, found it hilarious…But me, not so much! I’m definitely wearing holey black ones tomorrow…That’s all I have left in my pile of discarded tights, but I’d rather wear them, then bright blue ones. Tights are such a nightmare, aren’t they?! I seem to get holes in every single pair!

I literally hate snobby musicians. They’re just horrible bullies, ugh! They think they’re so amazing, when they’re not even that good! They try to teach you music when you can do it perfectly well. They bully people, telling them that they sound awful, and to ‘shut up’ or stop playing when they’re just quickly practising! (This isn’t what actually happened to me, but what I saw happen) They then eventually told me to play a little bit of the piece we were practicing, just so that they could see whether I could play it or not, and I just simply refused. They asked me again, slightly joking about it, but I plainly said no…I think they got the picture! They then started showing off, saying ‘this is how you play it!’ Whilst you just sit there in silence, boiling in hatred. Ugh, those people.

Ending my rant, I’d just like to wish you a fine evening…Hmmm, I think I’m off to watch Silk at 9:00, it’s a new series! Anyone else watching it?!

Tallulah xoxo


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