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Hey lovelies! As you may already know, this month it’s the Ovarian and Prostate Cancer month (March 1-31st), and it’s our jobs to try and raise as much money for it!

One thing that I’ve already taken part in, is the #nomakeupselfie to raise money for Breast Cancer to #beatcancersooner. Hundreds of men and women have taken part to raise awareness, and have nominated their friends, causing many of their friends to join the bandwagon! Many celebrities have also taken part, and the no make-up selfies helped raise £1m in just 24 hours! (Even my mum’s got involved…) Just text BEAT to 70099 to donate £3.

jHere I am, showing my support by wearing no make-up on the internet!

timthumb.phpThere are also many other ways that you can help show your support, including getting your hands on some limited edition, Leather Emmy Twenty Danson Teal Flats*, just in time for Spring! Emmy Twenty will donate £5 for every pair sold in support of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month!

Have you helped the cause?

Tallulah xoxo


012 040Hey lovelies! I’ve realised that I haven’t made a playlist for you guys in a while, so I thought it was about time to do one…Just click on the play button below to listen to my favourites at the moment, and feel free to follow me on Spotify!

What songs have you been listening to non-stop recently?

Tallulah xoxo

P.S. I also thought that I’d leave some pretty pictures at the top for you guys, that I took more than a year ago!

PicMonkey CollageeeHey lovelies! I’ve been pondering over what to do with my hair for a while…My hair is naturally quite curly, brunette/blonde and quite long…I always seem to want to change my hair up every few months, but I’m really not sure what to do with it!

Should I keep straightening it, or should I leave it curly for a change? Shall I opt for a bob and fringe or go all out and get extensions for a long, luscious mane? I’ve also been wondering whether to dye it…Maybe a brighter blonde, darker brunette or even all out bright pink with turquoise highlights?! Crimped or curled? Bleached or ombred? Sleek or messy? I’ve never actually dyed my hair, so it will be a bit of a change if I choose to do anything along those lines…But I’m all for it! Now let me just go and ask the mother…

What hairstyles have you been loving? Let me know!

Tallulah xoxo

P.S. Up the top are some hairstyles that I’ve been loving recently…(You can tell I love Jean Shrimpton as I’ve said before)! You can find them all here on my Pinterest.

Fashion is the integral part of our life. It is always unpredictable, changeable and various. It is always in the centre of public attention. Much money, time and powers are expended to this phenomenon. Fashion and beauty make fabulous things with people. It can cause joy or sorrow, love or hate, pride or envy, income or expense. Fashion has a great power and it manages our wishes. So let’s speak a bit about fashion and beauty.

011Of course, I can’t ignore my favourite Chanel couture. Karl Lagerfeld plans to hold next Chanel couture show in the United Arab Emirates, namely in Dubai. Lagerfeld, as always, breaks all traditions, boosts the audience, caters the potential clients, goes ahead, attracts the masses with his extravagant collections. He isn’t afraid to make own shows outside Paris, and he always does it. For example, 2013’s was held in Dallas. Dubai is very appropriate for the shows, fashion. It is not only rich city, but it is much loved by Karl. Besides, he owns a man-made island Isla Moda here. This Island is a home of fashion. There are boutiques of all designers you can only imagine, five-star hotels,, yachts and so on. We all wait for this event and hope it to be held on Isla Moda.

022Victoria Beckham captured our attention too. She is eager to create her own shoe collection. Of course, she knows, that it is very competitive business today, but she wants to try. Moreover she took valuable lessons from Manolo Blahnic and worked with him for her collection every season. Many fans waited some high-heeled suede shoes with attractive stripes from Beckham, but she surprised everybody. Her collection is in a classic style. She doesn’t plan to do signature shoes. She thinks it to be extra.

033Dion Lee was at his best on this year’s New York Fashion Week. He turned the big American retailers’ attention to his art very fast. His show was filled with prominent Australian ideas. His usual body-hugging aesthetic style turned into men’s style with some pinstripes. He explained such sharp turn with his soul state and nostalgic mood. The show turned out to be rapt.

004Rebecca Vallance had a success there too, in spite of delay in arriving clothes. It was off-Broadway, sensual collection, mostly for celebrities. Stylists liked it too much.

Generally this year’s New York Fashion Week was held nicely. The audience was impresses with innovations, surprised style, beauty and proficiency. It is the most favorite event for those, who cherish and love fashion, beauty, luxury.

Be beautiful and fashionable at any time. Watch fashion programs, read magazines, follow the news, be in the centre of fashion and public attention. Make friends to envy you. Become a bright star!

About the author: Melisa Marzett is an experienced writer and versatile person. It is not difficult for her, to write numerous articles on various topics. A lot of things are of a great interest for her. Any innovation in any field will be discussed by the writer in the form of the article. You can find her personal account if you follow this link, and here.

1901248_535139539927945_837753610_aHey lovelies! Too much good food for one post eh?! Don’t you just love a bit of ‘me time’, reading your favourite magazines and watching a few too many movies?! I know I do… 1962660_535141273261105_1765319019_aWhat can be better than having a whole Dominoes pizza to yourself?! Yes, this was in fact my valentine…1620732_535143526594213_844184812_nToast and honey can just be too good sometimes, and I’ve been enjoying playing my guitar a lot recently…I’ve even started my own youtube channel! 1901675_535144513260781_1471477582_nMe and my friend, Fine, enjoyed a feast of creme eggs, popcorn and a bit too much whipped cream, whilst enjoying watching re-runs of Ja’mie last Friday…

Instagram: @simplytallulah

Tallulah xoxo

1111Hey lovelies! Cosying up in bed enjoying a read of Company magazine just makes my day such a delight! I’ve also been loving this warm, bundle of fur…Yes indeedy, a bobble hat. Topshop in fact. 444Local hot chocolates are just the best hot chocolates in the whole entire world. I mean, real hot chocolate with all the toppings and extras. Extra whipped cream and sprinkles, along with tons of fluffy marshmallows. 1912458_535116669930232_937547835_nI’ve found the perfect example of chocolate goodness. These egg and spoon wonders have totally taken control of me…I just can’t get enough! I know they’re a bit of a love/hate relationship, but I’ve totally fallen for them. 1948093_535116943263538_1942330810_nMy friend Maddie was wearing this top, and I think I may have to search ebay long and hard for this…I mean what a beauty! *Sherlock fangirling*

Instagram: @simplytallulah

Tallulah xoxo

1920127_533774813397751_1220634468_nHey lovelies! I’ve been listening to albums like Nina Nesbitt’s, Warpaint, The Endless Love Soundtrack and The Frozen Soundtrack on repeat, as well as all these songs:

  • The Horrors: Still life
  • Karen O and Ezra Koenig: The moon song
  • The Pretty Reckless: Zombie
  • John Grant: GMF
  • Janelle Monae ft. Miguel: PrimeTime
  • American Authors: Best day of my life
  • Tiesto: Red lights
  • Paloma Faith: Can’t rely on you
  • Beyonce: Partition
  • In The Valley Below: Peaches

What songs have you been playing on repeat recently?

Tallulah xoxo