Friday Favourites.

0008I wish I had Cara’s brows…Like seriously. 0009Audrey’s smile is perfect. 00010Who else wants a fringe now?! 00011Olivia is effortless. 00012Oh looky Cara again. 00013Audrey Hepburn. Shall I say more…?! 00014Flawless. 0007Gimme that face mask. Oh wow. 0006I kinda miss Miley’s long hair… 0005Aw this is the cutest! 0004YESYESYES. 0003These cookies are adorable. 0002I need to start eating more healthily… 0001Colour co-ords…

Hey lovelies! I have a few more favourites this week…As you can see there’s a lot of Cara and Audrey…

Share with me your Friday favourites!

Tallulah xoxo

P.S. I found all these pictures off Pinterest, so obviously I don’t own any of them!


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