Thankful Thursday.

1901438_533759483399284_1577990036_nHey lovelies! This week has been extremely busy, I’ve been doing all of my DofE volunteering, training, exercise and skills, as well as a bunch of revision, clubs and tests, but at least I have all this to be thankful for…

1. Fashion Influx’s instagram for providing me with endless fashion inspiration.

2. Jennifer Lawrence asking for a McDonald’s on the red carpet.

3. The Divergent trailer. OHEMGEE.

4. Catching up with shows like Death In Paradise, Pramface and Silk.

5. It’s finally, nearly Summer. PHEW.

6. Creme Eggs making a comeback.

7. Watching the Lego Movie at the cinema. I actually really enjoyed it!

8. Going to a Pizza Restaurant for my friend’s birthday…Nommm.

What have you been thankful for this week?

Tallulah xoxo


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