Tumblr Tuesday.

141414 x 222 333 444 555 666 777 888 999 101010 111111 121212 131313 151515 161616 171717 181818 191919 202020 212121 222222 232323 242424Hey lovelies! Long time no speak, eh?! Well, obviously I’m going to dish out the excuses as much as a teacher dishes out gold stars, so basically this week was the first week back from half term, and of course I had four exams to revise for, ugh. I still have three next week, so yes, I’ll probably be gone for a while next week too, which is utterly annoying.

What are your plans for this chilled Sunday? Me? Oh, watching a bit of Outnumbered and Ja’mie whilst catching up on six blog posts…

Tallulah xoxo

P.S. All pictures are off Tumblr, you can find them all here.


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