Disney, honey toast and whipped cream.

1901248_535139539927945_837753610_aHey lovelies! Too much good food for one post eh?! Don’t you just love a bit of ‘me time’, reading your favourite magazines and watching a few too many movies?! I know I do… 1962660_535141273261105_1765319019_aWhat can be better than having a whole Dominoes pizza to yourself?! Yes, this was in fact my valentine…1620732_535143526594213_844184812_nToast and honey can just be too good sometimes, and I’ve been enjoying playing my guitar a lot recently…I’ve even started my own youtube channel! 1901675_535144513260781_1471477582_nMe and my friend, Fine, enjoyed a feast of creme eggs, popcorn and a bit too much whipped cream, whilst enjoying watching re-runs of Ja’mie last Friday…

Instagram: @simplytallulah

Tallulah xoxo

  1. thats so coolio! 🙂 I love your blog!!

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