PicMonkey CollageeeHey lovelies! I’ve been pondering over what to do with my hair for a while…My hair is naturally quite curly, brunette/blonde and quite long…I always seem to want to change my hair up every few months, but I’m really not sure what to do with it!

Should I keep straightening it, or should I leave it curly for a change? Shall I opt for a bob and fringe or go all out and get extensions for a long, luscious mane? I’ve also been wondering whether to dye it…Maybe a brighter blonde, darker brunette or even all out bright pink with turquoise highlights?! Crimped or curled? Bleached or ombred? Sleek or messy? I’ve never actually dyed my hair, so it will be a bit of a change if I choose to do anything along those lines…But I’m all for it! Now let me just go and ask the mother…

What hairstyles have you been loving? Let me know!

Tallulah xoxo

P.S. Up the top are some hairstyles that I’ve been loving recently…(You can tell I love Jean Shrimpton as I’ve said before)! You can find them all here on my Pinterest.


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