Blog organisation.

IMG_7306Hey lovelies! (Don’t ask me why I put a random picture of a tree in this post…*Queue relaxing music and tree vibes*). Anyway, today’s post is going to be all about how to maintain your blog, and keep it regularly updated and organised! I have a feeling these few simple tips will help all you bloggy writers out there who have trouble staying on track, including myself!

1. Scheduling. Making sure you keep a schedule is essential; choose days that you want to publish your posts, and try to keep to your schedule!

2. Photos. Making sure you have photos ready beforehand is key, so that when you come to write your post, you already have the pictures that you need. Also, taking photos in bulk is also another good tip!

3. List making. List making will help you when writing posts so that you know what to include. It will also help you when thinking up what topics you want to write about.

4. Writing in advance. This is basically the same as keeping a schedule, but writing in advance will help a lot, so that you don’t have to write your post on the day it goes live, as this may not go to plan!

I hope these tips have helped on trying to stay on top of everything!

Tallulah xoxo


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