New summer clothing line from Paul Fredrick.

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Hey lovelies! Today’s post is all about Paul Fredrick‘s new Summer Clothing Line, complete with light and comfortable seer sucker suits, unique patterned ties, and colourful dress shirts! I’ve never before written a post on men’s style, so I took this as a great opportunity when Valerie contacted me for support! Unfortunately I couldn’t get this post up on their launch day last Wednesday, which I apologise profusely for, but at least I’ve finally been able to put the post up!

With many different styles and pieces to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect fit! There are over 600 new styles in the collection, and above are a few pieces from their dress shirts range.

1. 2-Ply Cotton Satin Stripe Straight Collar French Cuff Dress Shirt

2. 2-Ply Cotton Houndstooth Straight Collar French Cuff Dress Shirt

3. 2-Ply Cotton Raised Satin Bengal Stripe Straight Collar Dress Shirt

All these pieces are great for work in the office, weddings and other formal events, or even dressed down on a lazy day!

Have you come across Paul Fredrick before?

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Tallulah xoxo


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