Angel cake, macaroons and killer heels.

10346648_580354115406487_866538895332000087_nHey lovelies! Easter was a blast, and now I’m craving these macaroons and the endless amount of chocolate that I consumed, which I seemed to have gained a vast amount of puppy fat from!

10325310_580354172073148_3762549386839018534_nA little trip to Brighton obviously meant checking out the Angel Food Bakery along the lanes! I opted for a cute little gluten free delight (which looked wonderful but didn’t taste too great!). Whilst my friends opted for red velvet, oreo and chocolate orange!

10313477_580354338739798_2795805149601354480_nEaster may feel like a distant memory, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t still indulge in a few minstrels and some hot cross buns from time to time!

10253811_580354392073126_5988214946936670132_nThis is just a sneak peek at my haul which will be coming up on the blog soon…These New Look heels are b-e-a-utiful, and I can’t wait to show you all the other goodies that I’ve recently purchased!

Instagram: @simplytallulah

Tallulah xoxo



  1. Kavi said:

    How do you edit your pics? They always look amazing! And now I’m craving all that food too… The shoes!!! Oh my <3333 xxx

    • Aw thanks:’)Instagram;)Yes, the shoes, the food…ahhh:’)xxx

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