1486761_582065148568717_980562833432360980_nHey lovelies! Okay…So yesterday I was just browsing through this month’s rendition of Company magazine, when I found my twitter handle printed onto one of the pages…To my absolute delight I had actually been included on their #READITANDTWEET page, along with my little Divergent book recommendation! It’s not every day that you suddenly find yourself included in a hit UK magazine…! I’d been tweeting about all my book recommendations recently, and I guess this one just hit the jackpot! I’ve always wanted to be in a magazine, as I’m considering being a journalist when I’m older…And I guess now I have?!

#READITANDTWEET your book recommendations!

Tallulah xoxo

  1. That is awesome! I love company magazine 🙂
    They RT’ed my prom dress (from 8 years ago!) last night haha!
    Rebecca xxx

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