30 things to do this Summer.

9091920110-003 NOV005-D949596979899Hey lovelies! I recently made a bucket list of everything that I want to do this Summer…Yup, basically I thought that I’d share it with you and possibly give you a few ideas…

1. Spend an entire day at the beach with a picnic.
2. Visit a national park.
3. Camp in your garden.
4. Go bowling.
5. Hang out on a roof top until the sun rises.
6. Go to a drive-in movie theatre.
7. Go to a restaurant.
8. Have an outdoor, candle-lit, dinner party.
9. Have a bonfire.
10. Spend a day at IKEA.
11. Go on a bike ride.
12. Go to a crafts fair.
13. Organize a clothes swap.
14. Make your own jewellery.
15. Have a mother/daughter spa day.
16. Go paintballing.
17. Play tennis.
18. Dance until daybreak.
19. Play Twister.
20. Go surfing.
21. Go to a festival.
22. Light sparklers with friends at night.
23. Sell stuff.
24. Go roller-skating.
25. Visit an aquarium.
26. Stargaze.
27. Get a henna tattoo.
28. Fly a kite.
29. Create a scavenger hunt.
30. Draw chalk on pavements.

What’s on your bucket list this Summer?

Tallulah xoxo

P.S. I of course found these pictures on the one, the only…tumblr.com


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