Goddess Tavi.

tumblr_mwnwwwGexl1qie8qjo1_1280 tumblr_ms99gtkSga1qinrowo1_500

Hey lovelies! So yeah…At the age of just 11 years old, little ol’ Tavi journeyed into the world of blogging and began writing for her style blog, The Style Rookie. Tavi quickly became a leading fashion icon with her laid back, effortlessly chic style, and became a huge inspiration for many…Including me of course. The fact that she can play around with her style without giving two flying pigs (Yep, I went there)…Is just awesome. Sometimes we all just dress in the same typical style…Everyone wearing the same trends and pieces of clothing, and having no fun at all…It’s so refreshing to see someone who can just swap up their style in different ways, making us all aspire to do the same instead of dressing like brainwashed clones (I’m aiming this mostly at young teens), when we all just need to dress how we want, instead of worrying about what styles are ‘in’…And of course have fun with fashion!

This is why I personally love to shop in charity shops or go to swishes and clothes swaps, as sometimes all the clothes in high-street shops are just the typical new trends and everything looks the exact same…Whereas you can just come across anything in charity shops etc. from old teapots to vintage culottes.

Of course I have to talk about Rookie Mag, the place to be for every teenage girl who likes to procrastinate her life away (yup, I’m talking about me again). It’s fun, creative and just the coolest place to be on the internet…Ya know?!

We’ve also all seen Tavi’s blog posts decline dramatically on The Style Rookie, but there’s still Rookie Mag to keep us entertained, and those two awesomely cool, fantastically epic etc. etc. etc. Rookie yearbooks that I still need to get my hands on…

I love you Tavi. Yep, I’m gonna say it.

Tallulah xoxo

P.S. I of course found these pictures on the one, the only…tumblr.com


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