90s Clueless.

74 75 76 73 77 tumblr_n328rmXVqm1roqfw4o1_250Hey lovelies! I’m sorry, but I can’t help loving the 90s at the moment; Natalia Kills’ edgy 90s inspired look, cotton candy, bubblegum pink swimsuits, Rollin’ with the Homies soundtracks, sparkly pink bows, 90s inspired blogs and tumblr urls, and of course, endless re-runs of classic 90s films…(CLUELESS YESYESYES). I am certainly in love with the 90s.

Look, I even provided you with this Clueless glossary, cause it’s just awesome, yes:

Audi: Leaving, exiting, out of here. (Not to be confused with the German automobile company.)

Baldwin: A handsome or gorgeous man (the Baldwin brothers were hot in the mid-’90s.)

Betty: A beautiful, timeless woman. Derived from the 1930s film star Betty Grable, the original pin-up girl.

Buggin’: Freaked out, upset, at a loss, confused.

Chin pubes: Facial hair, particularly in reference to a goatee.

Hagsville: Ugly, disgusting, unattractive, grotesque.

Monet: Something that appears beautiful or attractive until you see it up close.

Wiggin’: To freak out.


Tallulah xoxo

P.S. I of course found these pictures on the one, the only…tumblr.com


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