Get irresistible with the new accessory trends of 2014.

Hey lovelies! Today I’m sharing with you Sarah’s guest post on all things accessories and seasonal!

About the author: Except of profound skills in web design Sarah Hall demonstrates talent to When Sarah found this ability, she began to write for numerous blogs. Today this hobby grew into a real passion and occupies an important part in her everyday life. Besides, Sarah is fond of having a chat here.

Spring is in full swing with its bright rays of sunshine and warm days, so it’s time to forget about the winter cold and to think about a new wardrobe and find out what the new fashionable season can offer you! Here are some tips that will help you look gorgeous and trendy.

Becoming shimmering:
Add the gentleness and enigma to your appearance with fringe! This trend was presented in collections by Valentino, Altuzarra, Calvin Klein, Dries Van Noten and Celine. Fringe is a trend with history saturated by art-deco style and fashion of the 1920s and by the freedom of the hippie movement of the 1970s. Fringed purses and bags will ginger up every look and fringed shoes will bring fun and playful note to your appearance.

Another spellbinding trend are metal-shining accessories: Sparkling silver and gold purses, shoes, jewellery, sunglasses and everything that looks metallic. In the 1960s when they started to make synthetic fabrics, the metallic effect in clothes got very popular. And in the 1970s and 1980s, it also influenced the accessories fashion. Shiny metallic accessories remain popular even today. Let’s, for example, recall Martin Margiella’s clutches that looked like metal sheets. And this spring metallic trend was featured in collections by Fendi, Antonio Marras, Roberto Cavalli, Jil Sander, Iceberg, Etro and Dolce & Gabbana. There is something imperceptibly appealing in metal shine, at the same time it brings strength and femininity to the appearance. With this glossy trend you will surely conquer everyone!

Mixing styles:
There are some nice trends for jewellery this year. It’s very interesting, that pearls are becoming popular now, athough classic style accessories are changing to urban style. Pearls of different sizes on one string and numerous strings of small pearls on one necklace, will add some elegance to your look. This trend is presented in collections by Chanel and Valentino. Also, geometrical shaped jewellery are in fashion, so you can experiment with different shapes, bringing some extraordinariness to your appearance. And of course, technology also influenced accessory fashion. This season all the smart watches are in trend. This is the time when high-tech smart devices become exquisite jewellery, so pay more attention to your wrists.

Getting textured:

Shoes are one of the most important accessories, and they make your outfit complete, so it’s very good that this season we have a really good choice of shoes. Block heel shoes and platforms are in trend this spring; they can be textured, shiny and monochrome. So this is a very good solution for those who like comfortable shoes, but still want to look great and trendy. Mid-heel shoes are also in fashion. They are arty and colourful. These trends can be found in collections by Burberry, Zara, M&S, Mulberry, Christian Louboutin, Giorgio Armani, and Jason Wu. Whether you choose a pair of shoes for everyday or something for the evening out, you will definitely look stylish and fancy.

All the trends this season will be glittering, elegant, and colourful, with a contrast of styles and ideas fitting to every mood and desire. Feel free to experiment and combine different types of accessories to show your uniqueness.


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