Go photoshop-free.

slide_357656_3956058_free-402x480 article-0-1F8729A400000578-512_306x449 slide_357656_3956056_free-402x480 slide_357656_3956059_free-352x480Hey lovelies! Have you heard about Vanessa Hudgens’ new Bongo clothing ad campaign? Well, in a nutshell…All the pictures that glossy Hudgens has posed for are in fact, photo-shop free! No retouches or airbrushing was used at all, and it’s just pure Vanessa as her true self. This is such a powerful campaign, as it shows that all us girls (and boys!!!) shouldn’t have to change ourselves, but love our bodies and who we are…For who we are! It’s so inspirational that Vanessa would agree to go ahead with this, as it’s so hard to find celebrities in magazines with none of the normal photo-shopping antics that you would normally find!

It’s admirable that Bongo would choose to break down those photo-shop barriers, and show people that we need to end this photo-shopping frenzy…It’s not fair on those women who pick up magazines and question whether their bodies are ‘too fat’ or ‘too thin’, when in fact they’re neither…Everyone’s beautiful the way that they are. Fact.

It’s such a positive campaign, that we need to get other companies to follow in Bongo‘s footsteps and bring an end to these false images of women, when they don’t even look that way! It’s safe to say that I shall be ticking Vanessa off as one of the positive role models that we should all see ourselves admiring…

What are your thoughts on the horrible truth of photo-shopping?

Tallulah xoxo

P.S. Bongo owns all these photos!

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