Sickening street harassment.

Hey lovelies! You’ve probably noticed recently that I’ve been blogging about serious topics that matter to me instead of just posts on fashion and beauty…Don’t worry, I’ll carry on blogging about all that good stuff, but I thought this blog should also be a platform that allows me too express my other personal views as well.

Now onto the post…

I think it’s disgusting that women occasionally have to deal with being whistled at, being honked at by cars and being cat-called at with a degrading comment, such as “yo, sexy” or “oi, baby”, making women feel like an object instead of a normal human being trying to get on with their day. Women should not have to deal with this type of disgusting street harassment, even if the person is just trying to say “hi” or “be nice”. It’s horrible, and actually using the words “hi” would be much more appreciated, other than having sickening language thrown at all us women in general, making us all feel uncomfortable. This is why I’m proud to say that many women have been tweeting with the hashtag #NotJustHello; sharing their views and experiences on street harassment, to fight back and make sure all men (and women) know that this is #NotJustHello.

What do you think?

Tallulah xoxo


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