Tumblr fashion favourites.

Hey lovelies! We all know that I’m truly addicted to tumblr, so I thought I’d accumulate some of my favourite fashion-based pictures off the wonderful webby-site!

11. Stripes are such a simple, classic trend, but stripes always seem so refreshing in any outfit!

42. Monochrome is so effortless and chic; So easy to pull off!

103. Crisp white blouses and matching hair scream class.

124. Plum lippies and simple tees are edgy and eye catching.

175. I love this whole outfit…Tailored trousers, a baggy jumper and clunky, huge shoes; My style in one outfit.

186. This girl’s make-up is flawless, and toning the outfit down by wearing all black really allows her eyes and nails to pop!

197. This outfit gets me all excited for Autumn, as it truly epitomises the effortless fall look. Chunky scarves and no effort.

208. This eyeshadow is gorgeous, as well as the massive silk bow added to the mix; I truly wish I could pull off this look!

219. Although you can’t see much of this outfit, you can make out the perfectly tailored jacket and cute knee-high socks.

2210. This outfit is so delicate and unique. It ‘s such a pretty and feminine look!

2311. I’ve already showed a stripy classic jumper, but I just haaad to include this picture as well, as this girl’s eye make-up and hair is perfect.

2412. Simple, easy and refreshing.

2813. Halo braids are actually perfect. The added elegance of the blouse helps the whole outfit pull itself off!

3114. I need to get my hands on some of these choker necklaces, but to be honest I don’t know where to look! (Can anyone help me out?!)

3815. This hat is perfect for unruly hair days, and pulls together any outfit.

3916. Boho vibes are just oozing from this outfit…The hat, the crop; utterly perfect.

Tallulah xoxo

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  1. I’m selling some chokers for cheap! I have black an rainbow! Message me if you’re interested.
    Cool post 🙂

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