Rules and ramblings.

49 50 53 54 57 58 51 52 55 56Hey lovelies! So just a quick round-up from this last week, as I’m going on holiday next week! (YIPPETY-YAY, HERE I COME!!!)

1. Had the perfect little date night with my chummy, Kim; Pizza and a movie is definitely the key to my heart. (Just saying, if you wanted to know…) We started off the date by popping into Pizza Express, and being picky little gluten-free-ers, we got two small little pizzas each, and yes I think people judged us for having more than one pizza…We then went to the local cinema and watched Boyhood; We were rather sneaky and couldn’t find our right seats, so we just sat anywhere and were shamed in front of everyone when we were asked to move, as we were in the wrong seats! (SO EMBARRASSING, ALWAYS CHECK WHERE YOU SIT.) But ahhh! The film was amazing, I can’t believe they filmed it for about 13 years…We literally saw all the actors grow up! It was such a touching story, apart from the fact that the ending was rather sudden (Kim literally went on a rant about how annoying the ending was, hahaha!) But the only trouble with cinemas is how annoying the women at the front who can’t stop laughing are, the countless heads in front of you blocking the screen, the kid who can’t stop sounding like an animal when he eats popcorn…Wow I sound like such a grump! But I’m sorry…Doesn’t everyone feel the same when that happens?!

2. Me and my friends, (Jackie, Jenny, Kit and Fran) decided to head to some random fields and start playing Twister out in the open…Yes, we got some odd looks from several dog walkers and couples, but it was such fun! (Miranda, oh yes.) We then randomly started rolling down hills and climbing up trees (Don’t ask.) And after a while we all went to the nearby Maccy Ds and bumped into some people from school…(A good thing, as well as a bad thing!!!) But McDonalds was rather eventful, and in the end we found ourselves yet again in another field, playing silly, childish games…

3. I went shopping the other day and bought some laaavely stuff from New Look, Topshop and H&M! The mother and I decided on a little girls day out, and found ourselves buying tops, shorts, leggings, jeans and all that great stuff. (Haul coming soon if you want one!)

4. My friend, Daya came round one afternoon and we spent the whole time munching on spaghetti and going through endless music pieces so that we’re ready to go busking this Summer to earn a bit of cash! (I’m singing and playing the guitar, and she’s playing the violin; Check my youtube channel out here.)

5. Yesterday was lovely…Catching up with all the family, playing silly games, eating waaay too much food, and having many a selfie taken…Even my uncle and granddad ended up taking selfies together…(MY FAMILY ARE COOL, OKAY?!)

How’s your week been?

Tallulah xoxo

P.S. I of course found these pictures on the one, the only…



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