Chocolate dipped cereal bars.

IMG_9212 IMG_9214IMG_9213IMG_9216Hey lovelies! I made a batch of these fab chocolate dipped cereal bars today…(Okay, they may not look like cereal bars, but I wasn’t too sure what to call them!) They’re also a bit like rocky road…But a lot more basic!

  • Firstly tip your cereal and marshmallows into a microwavable bowl (it can be any cereal that you like and however much you want, I chose Coco Pops!) Make sure you then microwave it for about 30 seconds (or less or more, depending on what you thinks best!)
  • It will then come out in a gooey mess, and make sure to mix the marshmallow goo all over the cereal. Get a board or plate and squidge them both together to form a long, bar-type of shape!
  • Get whatever type of chocolate you want to use; I chose dark chocolate, and then melt this in a bowl over a pan of boiling hot water on the hob.
  • Make sure your chocolate’s fully melted and then drizzle or dip your bars into the chocolate and you’re done!

Such an easy, quick yummy snack!

Tallulah xoxo

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  1. elfypie said:

    Please may I request these for your birthday shindig? ❤

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