66Hey lovelies! This is just a round up of what I’ve been up to this last week before I go back to school…(PLEASE NO, PLEASE NO.)

1. Had a fabbity-fab day out in London with my beautiful cousin, Beth. We strolled around Camden for a bit, snapping away like little photographers (photo-heavy post coming soon!) We took to some stalls and bought cute little friendship bracelets, and invested in a healthy kale juice to keep us energized on the go! We also went to one of the cheap little shops and bought loads of cute rings! After we’d finished with Camden, we caught the tube to Oxford street and rummaged around in H&M and Primark for cute clothes! I have to say…Oxford Street’s Primark is horrendous. It’s massive and crowded…I hated it, ugh. We then went off to Ed’s Diner for fries, burgers, onion rings and sweet potato fries! Don’t forget the little photo-booth machine we came across…

2. Oh my, The Inbetweeners 2 is hilarious! I recommend it for a girly day out with friends for a good ol’ laugh! I personally think it’s a lot funnier than the first film, and me, Amber and Katie couldn’t help cracking up every five minutes!

3. I did the dreaded school shop the other day, and after about two shops looking for shoes, I’d given up and started moaning that I wanted to go home! I love clothes and all that material stuff, but I haaate shopping…I’d much rather shop online, and it’s even worse considering it’s shopping for school clothes! I found some awesome black patent brogues though, which I said I’d wear for school…Even though they’re gorgeous and are most certainly going to be worn out and about everywhere I go! I also got my hideous school skirt, but ended up getting a lovely treat from Costa at the end (a Raspberry and White Chocolate Creamy Cooler and a lovely piece of coffee and hazelnut cake!)

4. I had a lovely catch-up with my bestie, Jenny, since she’s just gotten back from the US! I’m a lucky girly, I got given a few awesome prezzies, which will be up in a haul soon! We also took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge (yes, there were screams), and ended up at a pet store looking at adorable rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs! (Zoe, I blame you for this!)

5. It was my brother’s birthday recently, so I ended up baking his birthday cake and all the little cupcakes…It took me FIVE HOURS, WHAT. But they came out perrrfectly, so it was well worth it!

6. I went to a friend’s party with Tasha, Emillie and Kim, and it was such fun! (Ooh, another Miranda reference, oops!)

7. My family tend to throw little gatherings and get-togethers from time-to-time, so this annual event took place the other day, and we all went down to the beach to search for crabs, fly kites and toast marshmallows! It was lovely catching up with all my family too!

How’s your week been?

Tallulah xoxo

P.S. I of course found these pictures on the one, the only…

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RAC ft. Penguin Prison: Hollywood

The Ready Set: Give me your hand (Best song ever)

Blackmill ft. Veela: Let it be

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