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burgerHey lovelies! I know this post is lacking on good quality photographs, but I’m afraid this will have to do…

Recently I took a trip up to London with my mum for a sort of ‘mother and daughter day’ if you wish…This included a lunch of prawns, anchovies and salad at Caravan with a side order of fries, and a few milkshakes. We then walked to a cute little market and headed to some shops (including Topshop where I FINALLY picked up some Joni jeans!) We also took a little trip to a Roman amphitheatre which was rather interesting and then a walk along the river Thames to the AMAZING Gourmet Burger Kitchen for a glass of their home-made lemonade and Summer special burger…Get it cooked medium and it’ll be the best burger you’ve ever had. FACT.

Can you recommend any great restaurants?

Tallulah xoxo


11892026_802341416541088_2483832171334379326_nHey lovelies! As many of you may already know, one of my biggest passions has always been music. I’ve loved singing for as long as I can remember and as a kid I was always dancing and taking ballet lessons…(Can you imagine! Haha.) When I was seven I started playing the cello and when I turned eleven I picked up the guitar, and have been playing both ever since.

For the past two years I’ve been working hard at the guitar and have been writing and learning many songs so that I have been able to go out and do frequent gigs and busk! I recently busked in Brighton and have played at a few gigs. I also plan to busk in Crawley, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Lindfield and Kingston upon Thames.

You can find my soundcloud here, where I’ve recorded a couple of songs.

P.S. If you ever want any updates of how my music’s going, or have any recommendations of where to busk, please let me know!

Tallulah xoxo

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzHey lovelies! Wow, two posts in a day! I really am getting back into the swing of blogging now…I wanted to show you a few snaps from prom which was one of the best nights of my life so far, I can honestly say. It was awesome; everyone looked beautiful and I’m so glad I got to share such a wonderful night with all my lovely friends and boyfriend. Thank you to my amazing cousin for being there as my personal photographer, woop and now I just can’t wait to start college, I’m so excited! (My prom dress is from Chi Chi London if y’all wondering).

Tallulah xoxo

tumblr_ndto2v6XLg1rvkvumo1_1280Hey lovelies! We all get those days where we just want to give up. We want to forget about the things that we need to get through and achieve, and we just want to slob around in jammies and cry about it. But no.

Take inspiration from the incredible Malala Yousafzai. I found this image on tumblr and it made me realise that ANYTHING is possible if we just put our minds to it…She fought for what she wanted, and we indeed can do the same.

You want that job? Work hard for it! You want to pass that exam? Work, work, work. If you don’t achieve something the first time, just keep trying!

Recently I nearly gave up on taking my grade 5 music theory exam, but I put my mind to it and realised that I could in fact achieve it if I wanted to! I passed with two marks off a merit, and am incredibly happy as I thought I was going to fail! I nearly gave up…But came out with the exam marks I wanted!

Anything is possible, just don’t give up…Go for it. The world is yours.

Tallulah xoxo




Hey lovelies! It’s safe to say that I’ve been gone for a looong time…So much has just been happening recently, and it’s been rather sudden! I’ve gone back to school and am now piled up with homework, essays, coursework and exams all the time at school, now that I’m in year 11! It’s going to be a rather stressful year, so I probably will only be able to blog now and again, as you can tell! But I will DEFINITELY carry on blogging, as this has always been my outlet where I can share my thoughts and happenings with all you guys! I’ve definitely missed posting on this platform, and I thank you all for supporting me throughout!

JUST TO SAY, I RECENTLY TURNED 16!!!!!!!!!!!! So above are a few snaps from my birthday happenings!

Tallulah xoxo

001Hey lovelies! So, we all want clear, perfect skin, don’t we? Blemish-free, oil-free…But that’s just not the case.

Today I wanted to talk about skin, and how to TRY and reduce spots and blemishes, and TRY to combat the onslaught of evil acne and oily skin. My skin (bearing in mind I’m 15, and obviously a teenager), spots are an everyday thing unfortunately. I obviously try to eat a bit more healthily and try to stick with a good skin regime…But sometimes I just need a little bit more help, so I shall get straight into how I try to prevent my mild acne. (And remember, not all these tips are for everyone!)

1. Stock up on green tea. Green tea is so good for your skin, and such a tasty little treat…Stay away from hot chocolate and sugary drinks when breaking out. (This is a great alternative!)

2. Try to keep stress levels to a minimum (really hard, I know), but if that means doing yoga or going out for a run to calm down and breathe, then go for it!

3. Regularly cleaning your make-up brushes is a must for everyone! I know it’s such a bore, but making sure your make-up brushes are clean and bacteria-free means a much more happier face!

4. Let your skin breathe from time to time; go make-up free and don’t feel self-concious…Embrace it!

Some other examples like icing spots, applying sudo creme, toothpaste, and having a soothing face mask every week can also help in some cases!

Tallulah xoxo

028 015 018 008 005Brogues – Clarks // Top – H&M // Shorts – New Look // Jacket – New Look // Socks – Jessica Simpson // Rings – 1. Hand made, 2. Hand made, 3. Unknown

Hey lovelies! I woke up on Bank Holiday Monday feeling like taking some pictures of my outfit in the gorgeous sun! I decided to put together an outfit which looked slightly smart with the brogues and jacket, but also with a pop of bold, bright colour with the socks and the Beatles tee, as well as some shorts, as it was just too hot to wear jeans. I love this outfit. I think it’s just so chic, and with the added rings, and the cute knuckle ring, I think this outfit is so pretty for a lovely day out! I spent the day wandering through a beautiful forest, and walking past lakes, and gazing at beautiful flowers. It was so lovely and relaxing to be with my family and just chill out and have some fun! You may have also seen these cute frilly socks on my instagram (@simplytallulah), where I stated that these were only 50p from TK Maxx! Such a bargain, and such a great find!

Tallulah xoxo