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burgerHey lovelies! I know this post is lacking on good quality photographs, but I’m afraid this will have to do…

Recently I took a trip up to London with my mum for a sort of ‘mother and daughter day’ if you wish…This included a lunch of prawns, anchovies and salad at Caravan with a side order of fries, and a few milkshakes. We then walked to a cute little market and headed to some shops (including Topshop where I FINALLY picked up some Joni jeans!) We also took a little trip to a Roman amphitheatre which was rather interesting and then a walk along the river Thames to the AMAZING Gourmet Burger Kitchen for a glass of their home-made lemonade and Summer special burger…Get it cooked medium and it’ll be the best burger you’ve ever had. FACT.

Can you recommend any great restaurants?

Tallulah xoxo


devdevodevondevonsHey lovelies! Me and my family recently packed up the car and headed down for Devon for a couple of nights to stay with some friends…Five hours in a car is not fun, I can tell you! When we got there we decided to venture down to one of the many little beaches and walked along the seafront in the pouring rain…It was not okay.

The next morning we decided to head down to a different beach surrounded by beautiful cliff-tops that was only walking distance from where they lived. After arriving back to the house for some cream teas (YOU NEED TO TRY THIS OLD ENGLISH TRADITION), we set off again to watch some live music and have fish and chips by the sea!

Tallulah xoxo

10346648_580354115406487_866538895332000087_nHey lovelies! Easter was a blast, and now I’m craving these macaroons and the endless amount of chocolate that I consumed, which I seemed to have gained a vast amount of puppy fat from!

10325310_580354172073148_3762549386839018534_nA little trip to Brighton obviously meant checking out the Angel Food Bakery along the lanes! I opted for a cute little gluten free delight (which looked wonderful but didn’t taste too great!). Whilst my friends opted for red velvet, oreo and chocolate orange!

10313477_580354338739798_2795805149601354480_nEaster may feel like a distant memory, but it doesn’t mean that I can’t still indulge in a few minstrels and some hot cross buns from time to time!

10253811_580354392073126_5988214946936670132_nThis is just a sneak peek at my haul which will be coming up on the blog soon…These New Look heels are b-e-a-utiful, and I can’t wait to show you all the other goodies that I’ve recently purchased!

Instagram: @simplytallulah

Tallulah xoxo



1901248_535139539927945_837753610_aHey lovelies! Too much good food for one post eh?! Don’t you just love a bit of ‘me time’, reading your favourite magazines and watching a few too many movies?! I know I do… 1962660_535141273261105_1765319019_aWhat can be better than having a whole Dominoes pizza to yourself?! Yes, this was in fact my valentine…1620732_535143526594213_844184812_nToast and honey can just be too good sometimes, and I’ve been enjoying playing my guitar a lot recently…I’ve even started my own youtube channel! 1901675_535144513260781_1471477582_nMe and my friend, Fine, enjoyed a feast of creme eggs, popcorn and a bit too much whipped cream, whilst enjoying watching re-runs of Ja’mie last Friday…

Instagram: @simplytallulah

Tallulah xoxo

1111Hey lovelies! Cosying up in bed enjoying a read of Company magazine just makes my day such a delight! I’ve also been loving this warm, bundle of fur…Yes indeedy, a bobble hat. Topshop in fact. 444Local hot chocolates are just the best hot chocolates in the whole entire world. I mean, real hot chocolate with all the toppings and extras. Extra whipped cream and sprinkles, along with tons of fluffy marshmallows. 1912458_535116669930232_937547835_nI’ve found the perfect example of chocolate goodness. These egg and spoon wonders have totally taken control of me…I just can’t get enough! I know they’re a bit of a love/hate relationship, but I’ve totally fallen for them. 1948093_535116943263538_1942330810_nMy friend Maddie was wearing this top, and I think I may have to search ebay long and hard for this…I mean what a beauty! *Sherlock fangirling*

Instagram: @simplytallulah

Tallulah xoxo

0008I wish I had Cara’s brows…Like seriously. 0009Audrey’s smile is perfect. 00010Who else wants a fringe now?! 00011Olivia is effortless. 00012Oh looky Cara again. 00013Audrey Hepburn. Shall I say more…?! 00014Flawless. 0007Gimme that face mask. Oh wow. 0006I kinda miss Miley’s long hair… 0005Aw this is the cutest! 0004YESYESYES. 0003These cookies are adorable. 0002I need to start eating more healthily… 0001Colour co-ords…

Hey lovelies! I have a few more favourites this week…As you can see there’s a lot of Cara and Audrey…

Share with me your Friday favourites!

Tallulah xoxo

P.S. I found all these pictures off Pinterest, so obviously I don’t own any of them!

1901438_533759483399284_1577990036_nHey lovelies! This week has been extremely busy, I’ve been doing all of my DofE volunteering, training, exercise and skills, as well as a bunch of revision, clubs and tests, but at least I have all this to be thankful for…

1. Fashion Influx’s instagram for providing me with endless fashion inspiration.

2. Jennifer Lawrence asking for a McDonald’s on the red carpet.

3. The Divergent trailer. OHEMGEE.

4. Catching up with shows like Death In Paradise, Pramface and Silk.

5. It’s finally, nearly Summer. PHEW.

6. Creme Eggs making a comeback.

7. Watching the Lego Movie at the cinema. I actually really enjoyed it!

8. Going to a Pizza Restaurant for my friend’s birthday…Nommm.

What have you been thankful for this week?

Tallulah xoxo