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131001-191729Hey lovelies! Hahaha, look at my mahooosive eyebrows! Do you like them?! Sorry, odd way to start a post, but don’t worry, it’s a joke…They don’t suit me at all! Anyway, I may be late on the usual Sunday post, but I still think it’s in order!

Today I thought I’d talk about Tolly’s post on the ultimate guide to being a teenager…Now, it was absolutely awesome (go check it out now, omg), and I thought I’d maybe just let you know about all the tips and thingymajigs that she pointed out…Along with other sorts of thingys I thought deserved a mention, as I am a teenager, and I thought maybe I could talk about these types of things to just help anyone out there…Let me be your agony aunt for the day…Hahaha;)

So she pointed out the fact that we all seem to be insecure about a few certain things:

1. Being different.

The one thing that goes through everyone’s mind, is if we’re weird, or if what we’re doing isn’t perfectly normal. None of us seem to want to be ‘different’, even though it’s a good thing! No one wants to be ‘mainstream’, or be completely identical and like twin zombies! We want to like different things and have different hobbies and talents, instead of being the same! Being normal isn’t important, and being different is like a gift! If anyone thinks differently…Well, all I can say is, don’t give in to them. It’s a good thing!

2. Spots.

Yes, many girls are completely obsessed with their looks and like to pile on as much foundation etc. as possible, but to be honest, instead of being harsh and mean about these certain things, try to think about it from their point of view…They may feel rather insecure about spots, or under-eye circles etc. and it doesn’t mean you need to judge them for apparently being vain. Most of us don’t have completely perfect skin, so applying make-up can make us feel a lot better, but just remember…You’re not alone!

3. Size.

Whether you think you’re too skinny, small, large, tall, flat chested or with a large chest area, and you’re feeling rather ugly about yourself…PLEASE DON’T. I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH. Having insecurities is perfectly normal, but seriously, we all develop at different rates and at different times, so no, we’re not all going to be the perfect size, or the same size…None of us are! You really shouldn’t worry…If you have a healthy diet, it will probably be just because you’re size can change all the time, and especially because you’re going through puberty! You’re just developing and everything takes time!

Flaunt what you’ve got, and just remember, nobody’s perfect.

Tallulah xoxo