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PicMonkey CollageeeHey lovelies! I’ve been pondering over what to do with my hair for a while…My hair is naturally quite curly, brunette/blonde and quite long…I always seem to want to change my hair up every few months, but I’m really not sure what to do with it!

Should I keep straightening it, or should I leave it curly for a change? Shall I opt for a bob and fringe or go all out and get extensions for a long, luscious mane? I’ve also been wondering whether to dye it…Maybe a brighter blonde, darker brunette or even all out bright pink with turquoise highlights?! Crimped or curled? Bleached or ombred? Sleek or messy? I’ve never actually dyed my hair, so it will be a bit of a change if I choose to do anything along those lines…But I’m all for it! Now let me just go and ask the mother…

What hairstyles have you been loving? Let me know!

Tallulah xoxo

P.S. Up the top are some hairstyles that I’ve been loving recently…(You can tell I love Jean Shrimpton as I’ve said before)! You can find them all here on my Pinterest.


013Hey lovelies! So hair. I recently got my hair ‘trimmed’…Well I wanted about an inch off and my mum took off a whole chunk. I hated it, as I was known for having my hair quite long, and I wanted to keep it long, but healthy so that it would grow a lot longer…And my mum ended up ruining it. But then…Yes, I grew to love it, and it wasn’t even that short! (Drama queen alert). I love how it makes me feel like a new and better me. Ya know when just a little thing makes you feel that little bit different?! If you ever want a change, then changing your hair is the best thing. Even if it’s just trying out a new hairstyle! My hair felt lush. It felt new, cuter, bouncy, and full of life again! I think it’s perfect for starting a new year at school…Feeling fresh and raring to go. So let’s take a look at my holy grail products for keeping my hair voluminous, protected and soft!

1. VO5 Give Me Texture Tousled Style Spray: I love this product. This literally does exactly what it says on the bottle. It gives texture, and lifts my hair, making it tousled, and perfect for styling!

2. Fantasia Hair Polisher Heat Protector Straightening Serum: Before straightening my hair or blow drying, I squeeze enough serum to reach every bit of hair into my palm, and just massage it into my locks. This just helps protect my hair from the nasty heat, whilst still giving it shine and helping keep my hair straight!

3. Percy&Reed Volumising No Oil…Oil: At first I didn’t really like this, but I now use it quite a lot, as I love it! I use it to define and texturise my curls, and squeeze a smidgen into my palm and rub it through my locks for a finishing touch after blow drying!

4. Trevor Sorbie Goop: This shines and defines…Who would have guessed…Haha;) It also has amazing benefits like Vitamin E, helps protect from heat too(!), helps protect from sun damage and also helps style and keep shiny! Just a great product all in one.

Tallulah xoxo

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020Hey lovelies! So today’s post is going to be some reviews on two products that I’ve recently tried out…The Percy&Reed Volumising No Oil…Oil (I actually got this free with my Glamour issue a while back, and thought that it was time to do a mini review on it!) and also a mini tester of the new Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream that I found tucked away in a magazine!

So, firstly for the hair oil, this promised for volumised and textured locks, and to be honest, it did define my curls quite a bit, but on the other hand, there was just no point in using this product. When I first got it, I was very excited to use a Percy&Reed product, as I hadn’t actually tried any of their products before. I squeezed this into my locks (I tried it when it was wet and dry), but I just thought that it wasn’t as good as my VO5 Give Me Texture Tousled Style Spray. I won’t be swapping these two round that much, that’s for sure, but I do want to use it up, so I might carry it around in my handbag or something, just if I want a teeny bit of volume in my hair when I’m out!

032So, next up is the Clarins BB Skin Perfecting Cream. I know I can’t really say whether this is good or bad, as I would have to get the full size to test it out over a few weeks or so, to say whether I do really like it or hate it…But you’re just going to have to forgive me, and I’ll just review what I thought about it when I used it for the first time!

I’ve never actually tried anything from Clarins either before (extremely expensive!), apart from a few samples from magazines, but this is obviously because I’m only 14, either though I have been lusting over their Lip Perfectors! This 3 in 1 cream has many benefits, and seems to have light to medium coverage, although the only problem was the colour…Obviously it was a tester from a magazine, so they obviously wouldn’t have had my exact colour, so…Yeah, it was just a bit too dark for me, and it looked like I’d fake tanned a bit too much, but it was really moisturising, and stayed put all day! Seems like a great BB Cream!

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts?

Tallulah xoxo

PicMonkey CollageI’ve only been on Instagram for two days, so I know I don’t have many photos, but I thought I’d share them in a collage with you! So, the first picture shows when I had skittles by the telly watching Skyfall, the second is of my yummy little Gu pot, then my glittery green nails, and my messy topknot!

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I’m loving curls at the moment. Fresh, tight curls. I’ve always had curly hair, but I really want to accentuate them a bit more, so I decided that I would browse eBay for a Baby Curls Her Styler! I’ve heard lots of good reviews on them, and so I thought that I might try them out…Hopefully! But anyway, here are some girls’ hair who I’m really wanting to recreate with the curlers, just so I can have more defined curls!

(Images from the web, which I created into a collage)

PicMonkey Collage1. Janet Devlin has always been a big inspiration to me, and she was always the one that I wanted to win on The X Factor!

2. Taylor Swift has also always inspired me with her music and song writing, as music is also another of my passions.

3. The Carrie Diaries has already aired in America, and I’m really hoping it will come to the UK soon, but I’ve seen all the clips and trailers on YouTube, and I’m loving AnnaSophia Robb’s hair!

4. The girl from the Wither book and trailer by Lauren DeStefano has beautiful hair, and the books are AMAZING too (although I haven’t read Sever yet…).

So that’s your post for today folks, and I’ve been feeling really ill today, and so have been pondering on blog ideas, and I thought that maybe if you have any ideas, you could always contact me via email and tell me, or even if you just want a general chitchat! My email is:

Hair tips and tricks that are cheap and quick! Enjoy!

How to get curls:858896_351301411645093_498296869_o

I have naturally curly hair, but I don’t normally have properly tight curls, but whenever I put my hair into plaits for the day, or at night, and then take them out, I get tighter curls than usual! Most people use curling irons to get curls, but if you want a quicker and easier way to achieve curls, than just put your hair into plaits at night, or during the day, and then take them out, and you’ve got curls!

 How to get crimped and frizzy hair:421910_351301484978419_1469991896_n

Follow the same steps to get curls, and then brush your hair! Your hair will look crimped and wavy! No need for crimpers, when you could get the same sort of effect for free!

 How to get the twisted pony look:58805_351301341645100_2070776826_n

 So, this is actually quite hard to explain in words that are written down, but basically just part your hair into two even sections, and then on the side that you want the pony to stay, just put it into a normal pony, and then on the opposite side, part into two sections, and use the furthest away section to the opposite hair and twist around, and wrap around the top of the pony. Then with the remaining hair that you have left to twist around, just part it into two sections, and then take the furthest section away and twist around on the pony again, and then the other part you take again, and twist around the pony! (I hope this makes sense!) Just fiddle around with it to make it look perfect and sleek, and add any hair accessories that you want, and you’re good to go!

012So today I thought I’d do a long speech on how I used to hate a few shoes…But now I love them. I also wanted to discuss with you a few second thoughts I’ve been having. Oh, oh, oh, and I also wanted to discuss LFW with you! ^Above is a picture of seagulls. I like seagulls. They remind me of long hot summers and beachy-ness. Oh come on summer. Come out, come out wherever you are!

So. Shoes. I love simple shoes like trainers or pumps, and flip-flops and heels, but what about all those ‘love ’em or hate ’em’ shoes? Well, that leads me onto my first shoe that I thought ‘ew’ to at first. Moccasins.

I first thought that moccasins looked a bit ugly and like an ‘old grandpa’ shoe. But when I looked back at them, I had a sudden image of a brand new world. New bright-coloured moccasins worn inside and outside, keeping your tootsies warm, and soft! (<If you didn’t get what I was talking about, then, I’m sorry, but I have a pounding headache. So I need brightness in my life!)

Then there’s brogues. Brogues looked like they were men shoes. But common’ what about the Androgynous style? I looked back at them, and suddenly I’ve gone through two black shiny pairs of brogues for school. Result.

Creepers. Creepy little creepers. (Sorry, I don’t know what came over me!) Anyway, creepers crept up on me, and I just though ‘ugh!’ Chunky heeled-trainer things? No way! But I then saw them everywhere, and I actually started to like them! I can’t stop spying cute little purple studded ones, or big shiny leopard print ones wherever I go…In love!

Loafers remind me of a mix between brogues and moccasins…But when I looked at them…The style of the shoe and the tassels that could be seen on quite a few of them, just weren’t for me. BUT THEN. (You’ve heard me say this too many times!) Yesyesyes. I fell for them. Come on. Cute little dress and loafers? Cute as!

So onto the next subject! Second thoughts…Dundundun!!! Wow. Yes. I’ve had second thoughts. On products. That I. Said I loved. But now I don’t. (Please.Make.Me.Stop.) Anyway, yes, so I told you a while back that I loved the fruity, sweet-smelling Alberto Balsam hair products (shampoo and conditioner), but now I really don’t! I’ve noticed my hair going dry and flaky, and the only products I’ve been using is that range. I know the weather has been really drying, but it didn’t happen during the earlier months of winter…And I’ve only really been using the range recently…I don’t know. Maybe it’s how I’ve been washing my hair, or maybe it is the weather? I don’t know, but if you have any thoughts on that subject, please tell me!

Anyway, I’ve also been having second thoughts on my current heat protector for my hair, which is the Fantasia Hair polisher Heat protector straightening serum. I’ve found that recently it’s just been making my hair, and other people’s hair really greasy! I don’t know if it’s just because my hair is at an odd stage at the moment, but other people have been saying it makes their hair greasy too!

So onto the last subject. LFW (London Fashion Week). It’s finally over, which makes me sad, as EVERYONE has been talking about it! I didn’t actually go to any of them though…Although, I want to in future, if I’m lucky enough! Anyway. LFW seemed CRAZY! So many celebrities, models, bloggers, you-tubers, and amazing-dressed people were seen around the streets of London, and I enjoyed reading all the articles and seeing all the photos! Bye!