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2222Hey lovelies! What have I been styling recently? Well of course this beautiful Heisenberg top that I picked up in Brighton, when I went to The Lanes. I mean JUST LOOK AT IT. So simple and chic, just pair it with leggings and a gold chain (this one’s from Topshop) and you’re good to go! Sorry this was such a quick post…I’ve now written four today, and I’ve got such a headache!

Anyone else a sucker for this top?

Tallulah xoxo


1909194_530288997079666_33368679_oHey lovelies! Okay, so I may have missed three days worth of blog posts…But of course no on noticed…I think?! Anyway, of course I’m going to make it up to you and fill you in on all the posts that I’ve missed out!

Sooo, instead of the old wishful Wednesday, I’m instead going to fill you in on some items that I’ve recently purchased or picked up! I think this sort of counts? I’m been wishing for all these things recently, so please say this counts?!

1. The chunky denim jacket: I’ve been looking for the perfect over-sized denim jacket in a looong while, and I think I may have finally found it! I have plenty of fitted denim jackets and tops, but I’ve never found the right over-sized one, but this ticks all the boxes!

2. The stash of gold rings: I’ve been wanting to stock up on statement gold rings and cute midi rings, so I’m overjoyed that I finally got my hands on these!

3. The coral tee: It is definitely nearly Spring…This cute tee is perfect for when the weather finally starts to clear up, I can’t wait to wear it with shorts when it’s finally warm enough!

4. The new school bag: My purple satchel may have had the strap ripped clean off on the last day of school, so I had to pick this sturdy holdall up from Accessorize. It’s such a beauty! Very large so that I can fit all of my school stuff in it, but also a great bag to take with me when I’m just going out for the day!

5. The feathers: These feathery beauties are the cutest! They’d go with anything and glam up any outfit.

6. This Heisenberg top is just the best. Okay?!

What have you been wishing for or buying recently?

Tallulah xoxo

P.S. I just want too apologise for the appalling quality and lighting of the picture at the top! I had to use my phone and had to take it late at night…I know you can’t even really see the jacket or rings, sorry!


131225-145120 131225-145413 131223-141314 131225-220215Hey lovelies! Wow, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! (Or just a lovely day if you don’t celebrate it!:)) I know I did, looky, I got a new guitar and it is beautiful!:’) THIS IS MAHOGANY! (All my fellow Hunger Games fans will get that quote;)) My new dress is pictured below, and then my awesome stripy jumper which was taken a while back, and my new spotty onesie! If you guys want me to do a haul, then just comment below, because I know a few people (including myself) like reading or watching hauls, but it’s in no way bragging! I just personally find them fun to watch, but I don’t know whether I should?

I hope you all have a very lovely Boxing day, and I shall be chilling with the family eating a ton of food like yesterday, recovering from this darn cold that I’ve suddenly got and watching some sleepy Christmas films! What will you be doing?

Tallulah xoxo

Hey lovelies! This is a very late birthday and other bits haul, as my birthday was more than seven weeks ago…But anyway, the time has definitely come to show you some of what I got! (Disclaimer as usual: I’m not bragging in any way, I love reading and watching hauls, but if you don’t then just click away!) I’ve only included a few bits of what I got, so you may see some other new bits and pieces popping up in other posts! And you can tell why taking pictures at night is a bad way to go…The flash makes your pictures look awful, but come on, who doesn’t like three posts in one day?;)


  • That snuggly jumper that you can see on the far right is from New Look, and it’s the best darn thing ever. Especially for keeping me warm and snug for Winter!
  • The scarf in the bottom corner was from one of my oldest friends Phoebe, and it’s the most gorgeous thing; the pattern’s lovely!
  • That black thing there…Those are knee-high socks, and I got some more of those in different colours for my birthday, and I love pairing them with skater skirts and dresses for a bit of class;)
  • My stripy jumper is the best thing ever. My grandparents got it for me from France, so it’s a proper French, thick jumper, and oh, I feel like Amelie in it!
  • I had to fold up this over-sized smock tee-shirt dress, so it looks slightly mushed up, but all I can say is New Look, well done.


  • First of all, of course I need to dash off to Boots for some new dry shampoo when I’m all out. It’s an essential, and Batiste always does it for me!
  • I thought I’d join in with the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer trend, and to be honest I don’t like it at all…Please don’t hate me, but all the colours didn’t really suit my skin colour, so I picked up this one, and it was a wrong choice…It doesn’t blend in too well, and it creases on my eyes.
  • I popped into Primark to get a pack of cute earrings, as I only have two pairs!
  • In the star pouch is one of my pairs of earrings that I got for my birthday…Cute little butterfly studs!
  • This cute stripy ring matches my stripy jumper and makes for a perfect duo for a night out!
  • Aren’t these tweezers the cutest thing?! It makes plucking my eyebrows actually enjoyable…
  • This lipstick was one that my mummy quickly picked up for me for Halloween as I wanted a really fun bright pink!
  • I’m loving these Real Techniques brushes a lot at the moment, and I definitely recommend them (I recently just washed them, so I can’t wait to reapply my make-up as if they’re new again!;))

004A few books I was gifted! (Currently loving Cheryl’s at the moment;))

005See, this is why no one should take pictures at night. But on a serious note, all these CDs are perfect.

What have you been hauling recently?

Tallulah xoxo



Hey lovelies! Today’s second post occurs of numerous items that I picked up over the Summer, and a few things that I’ve also recently got…Just a reminder, these are things from ages ago, and over the Summer that I bought at different times, but have only just put them into a haul post for you all! So yes, there is quite a bit, but I’m not trying to brag at all, and if you don’t like hauls then just click off now!:)001

  • So I bought this backpack from SoulCal as my school bag, and it really is perfect! It fits everything in there…Apart from the fact that the popper keeps coming undone *ughhh*.
  • This other bag used to be my mum’s, but she was clearing out some of her old stuff, and asked if I’d like it, and I jumped at the chance! It’s such a lovely simple bag, and seems perfect for any occasion.
  • This belt either belonged to my mum or dad…I can’t remember, but you can see how it’s been used for a long time by all the scratch marks on the metal! I really needed a new belt, and thought this was ideal for the job.
  • When I went to the London bloggy meet-up I bought this chunky gold necklace (I know, kinda mainstream, but oh well) from Topshop, and oh, how I’m in love! It goes with everything and anything, and really jazzes up an outfit.
  • You can’t really see the flower crown in the picture, sorry, but it’s just a cute little headband with flowers and leaves stuck on with a few beads in the middle, and it’s gorgeous! It’s from Accessorize, so obviously it’s a keeper.
  • I was browsing ebay and found this gorgeous little hair clip with little flowers and gold detailing, and just knew I had to have it…Especially as it was so cheap, and they normally cost loads if you go to a shop!
  • I got these two bracelets when I was in Mallorca on holiday, and how sweet are they?! The little yellow one is my favourite, and was a gift from someone that we were staying with, and I also love the blue one with the little bobble ties on the end…And don’t forget the studs!
  • One Day is one of my all-time favourite films ever, and it always will be.


  • I was in such a hurry to take these pictures, that you can hardly even see anything in this one, as it’s all so dark *grrr*.:( But oh well, I got harem pants! My mum gave me her old ones as some comfy bottoms for lazing around at home, or to use as pjs.
  • I also got a plain, cropped boyfriend tee from Primark when I went shopping with Megan, and I wear it all the time.
  • I found this long/short (whatever) sleeved tee on ebay, and it’s got a sweet, little tied knot at the end on the side, to give it some shape!
  • And on to the classic blogger skort I found on ebay…Such a simple, elegant piece, and the cut is perfect! I wore it all the time on holiday.
  • How cute is this bag from Gap?! My mum got it for me as a little treat for the beach, and ohhh, it’s so sweet! The little sunglasses and bright colours really put me in a good mood!


  • Color Tattoos from Maybelline are making a big breakthrough in the beauty world…And I can definitely see why! This was my first try at them (I bought it when I went shopping with Megan), and ohmygiddygumdrops, how beautiful on and on bronze is! Just go test it out…!
  • I got quite a few bits and bobs when I went to the London bloggy meet-up again, and bought this Simple moisturiser (my all-time favourite!), Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 001 (such a beautiful colour), Falsies mascara from Maybelline (omgomgomg), and one of Rimmel’s black kohl eyeliners, as I needed a new one!
  • I got this double sided eyeliner from Company magazine, and I was really impressed by the liquid eyeliner! My cousin also really liked it, and wouldn’t stop re-applying it! *Ugh*.;) I didn’t like the pencil side though…It was a real let down when the nib snapped off.
  • This Bumble and Bumble (BB) Thickening hairspray is ah-mazing! Seriously, after straightening my hair, I sprayed this into my roots at the back, to give it some lift and hold…And I could feel that straight away it felt instantly voluminous and lifted! I got it free with Elle, and I’m so happy about it!
  • This is an angel tangle teasing brush, which was a gift from my grandma, as she wouldn’t stop ranting on about how amazing it is! And I can assure you…It is AMAZING! It’s basically the same as the super-hyped up tangle teezers…But the shape, and look of it is so much more cuter! Come on! Little angel wings on a brush?!;)

Tallulah xoxo



024Hey lovelies! A while back I picked up this gorgeous powder blue coloured v-neck, and forgot to show you guys! Such a versatile piece, perfect for adding a cute spark to any outfit! I also recently got given this book…Perks of being a wallflower…Oh.My.Goodness. I think this is my favourite book that I’ve ever read…And that’s saying a lot, since I’m such a bookworm, and have read sooo many books…I really recommend this for any teen, and the film is also good…But the book is so much better. Fact.

Oooh, did I mention that last Friday I went and saw Now You See Me at the cinema with a few friends? Meredith had been talking about this in her June favourites post, and I knew I just had to see it…Oh my goodness, amazing. I didn’t really like the ending, but as a whole it was ridiculously amazing. Yes, AMAZING.

I must dash, I’ve been told to hoover, so I shall leave you with a few songs I’ve recently been loving…

Foals-Bad habit


Jason Derulo-The other side

Cimorelli-Made in america


Rudimental feat. Ella Eyre-Waiting all night

John Newman-Love me again

Phillip Phillips-Gone, gone, gone

Passion Pit-Carried away

The Script-Six degrees of separation

AlunaGeorge-You know you like it



I Am Kloot-Hold back the night

Tallulah xoxo


Hey lovelies! What does your face base occur of? Mine occurs of moisturiser, a bit of primer, some BB cream, a hint of foundation, a touch of concealer and a little bit of powder…Recently I’ve had to re-purchase a few bits and bobs as most of my items had run out, so in this post I’m just going to talk about a few empties and a re-purchasing haul!

247629_406653696109864_1746963470_nSo I went to Boots and Superdrug after school one day on a hunt for a good powder, primer and foundation…I knew that I wanted to re-purchase the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder, so I straight away went to the Rimmel stand, and also found the Match Perfection Foundation and sampled some on my hand…I instantly knew I should get this foundation, and I’m now in love! I also popped over to the MUA section in Superdrug and found this primer! It’s wonderful! Such a great, cheap find!

I also got given a new moisturiser from my mum, which is the L’Oreal Triple Active Glow, and it works wonderfully! (Pop over to my instagram to see a picture I took of it: @simplytallulah).

Want to know what the empties are? Carry on reading!

1048805_406667382775162_184199795_oI finished off the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder pretty quickly, because it broke a while back, and I finished up all the remaining bits, and they also kept spilling out, so I had to wrap the box in cling film! I also finished off my Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hr foundation around the same time, but I found this foundation quite heavy, so I was kind of thankful that it ran out and I could move on to a different foundation! I also finished this L’Oreal Studio Secrets Primer, which I’m kind of sad about, as this made my skin feel so soft and smooth, and really helped my make-up stay put! But unfortunately I couldn’t really afford it again, and the MUA one works just as well! I also finished my Nivea Soft Moisturiser, and this was a lovely thick and creamy moisturiser which really did the trick!

I hope you liked this post!

Tallulah xoxo