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campingHey lovelies! This summer I’ve been away quite a bit; me and my friends packed our bags and camped at a nearby camp-site to get away for a couple of days. This included regular wasp attacks, a few injuries, our brilliant cooking skills (surprising), awful sleeping patterns, many card games, walks around the lake and our tent being covered in hundreds and hundreds of flies…Plus, we were totally ripped off, we’re only 16 and had to pay £20 for two nights each and had to pay extra for a shower! WHAT?! Typical. We had a fab time and I came home feeling super gross and tired (I did not want to pay extra for a shower thank you very much.)

Have you guys been off on any adventures recently?

Tallulah xoxo


001Hey lovelies! So, we all want clear, perfect skin, don’t we? Blemish-free, oil-free…But that’s just not the case.

Today I wanted to talk about skin, and how to TRY and reduce spots and blemishes, and TRY to combat the onslaught of evil acne and oily skin. My skin (bearing in mind I’m 15, and obviously a teenager), spots are an everyday thing unfortunately. I obviously try to eat a bit more healthily and try to stick with a good skin regime…But sometimes I just need a little bit more help, so I shall get straight into how I try to prevent my mild acne. (And remember, not all these tips are for everyone!)

1. Stock up on green tea. Green tea is so good for your skin, and such a tasty little treat…Stay away from hot chocolate and sugary drinks when breaking out. (This is a great alternative!)

2. Try to keep stress levels to a minimum (really hard, I know), but if that means doing yoga or going out for a run to calm down and breathe, then go for it!

3. Regularly cleaning your make-up brushes is a must for everyone! I know it’s such a bore, but making sure your make-up brushes are clean and bacteria-free means a much more happier face!

4. Let your skin breathe from time to time; go make-up free and don’t feel self-concious…Embrace it!

Some other examples like icing spots, applying sudo creme, toothpaste, and having a soothing face mask every week can also help in some cases!

Tallulah xoxo

1008732_398041646971069_365433133_oHey lovelies! Sorry that I’m posting later than usual, but I basically just wanted to talk about a few products that I’ve used up recently, and I’ve had a busy day today, so I’m just relaxing…I had sport in the morning, then I went to a fair, then I went and helped my dad at work, and then I did some school work…So yeah, kinda tired, and I still need to get ready for father’s day tomorrow, ahhh!!! Ugh, and I also need to do some art work tomorrow…Hope my dad doesn’t mind…Errr…

1. The Power of Plants Botanics Bathing Softening Body Wash from Boots.

There’s nothing I can really talk about, apart from the fact that this was actually really good to shave with, leaving my skin feeling soft, and smelling great!

2. Clean on Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel from Soap&Glory.

This nifty number smelt like heaven in a tub! It bubbled and lathered nicely, and felt like a really nice treat at the end of the day!

3. Powder Fresh Women’s Advance Control 48 hour Anti-Perspirant&Deodorant from Mitchum.

Okay, so I needed a new deodorant, and when I found a 48hr one in a sweet smelling scent (ooohhh, powder freshhh) I knew this had to be good…And I was right! As it’s coming slowly into Summer (come on sun, get a move on!) I sweat a lot…I go out a lot more instead of cosying up under a duvet with some crisps at home, and I also do a lot of sport…This is perfect to keep me smelling fresh! I may need to go grab another one of these, because I’m not too happy with my other deodorant at the moment…

4. Ugh, okay, I did have the Shea Butter&Honey Nourishing Shower Gel from Original Source that I’d used up and was gonna show you, but I lost the bottle, and blablabla, so yeaaah…Go search it up, haha;) But anyway, that stuff smelt AH-MA-ZING. Okay, I know I say this about everything scent-wise that I like, but I just don’t know what to say…It really is just amazing! It smells like runny honey…But better…It was so softening, and made me smell ridiculously like a bee…In a good way…

I hope you enjoyed this post! Oh, and by the way…Sorry about the rubbish picture…I had to use my phone…

Tallulah xoxo


Hello! So, here’s my last week in pictures, and I had a great week away with family, getting Starbucks and going to museums and galleries…Check out my instagram here:

PicMonkey CollageIn the first picture, you can see both the Toy Story films I watched, and also my reading material for that night! Withering tights and Glamour…YES. Next is the next night’s film and book (I love a bit of Bourne!) Followed by a trip to London with amazing food with the family, and then another trip to London, spoilt with a Starbucks and also some tea at the museum! Further along in the week, I also visited the biggest, most AMAZING sweetshop ever…Marshmallow fluff, lucky charms, pop tarts, wonka bars, nerds, you name it!


I’m loving curls at the moment. Fresh, tight curls. I’ve always had curly hair, but I really want to accentuate them a bit more, so I decided that I would browse eBay for a Baby Curls Her Styler! I’ve heard lots of good reviews on them, and so I thought that I might try them out…Hopefully! But anyway, here are some girls’ hair who I’m really wanting to recreate with the curlers, just so I can have more defined curls!

(Images from the web, which I created into a collage)

PicMonkey Collage1. Janet Devlin has always been a big inspiration to me, and she was always the one that I wanted to win on The X Factor!

2. Taylor Swift has also always inspired me with her music and song writing, as music is also another of my passions.

3. The Carrie Diaries has already aired in America, and I’m really hoping it will come to the UK soon, but I’ve seen all the clips and trailers on YouTube, and I’m loving AnnaSophia Robb’s hair!

4. The girl from the Wither book and trailer by Lauren DeStefano has beautiful hair, and the books are AMAZING too (although I haven’t read Sever yet…).

So that’s your post for today folks, and I’ve been feeling really ill today, and so have been pondering on blog ideas, and I thought that maybe if you have any ideas, you could always contact me via email and tell me, or even if you just want a general chitchat! My email is:

858691_352170691558165_109452758_oMy skin has always been slightly acne-prone, and I get break-outs, so I thought that I’d do a post on some of the things that really help me treat my skin, and things that actually DO (sometimes!) work. (Remember, I am NOT a professional, ha ha, and this may not work for everybody!)

1. I use the REN Glycolactic mask once every week, and this does help make my skin a bit more clean and fresh, but as my skin is very stubborn, it still isn’t enough, but I suppose I’m at the stage when I can’t get rid of it all completely, but this does help (Quite pricey though…)!

2. I also use the Visibly Clear 2 in 1 wash and mask from Neutrogena which I use to wash my face with in the morning and at night, and this helps just to wake up my face!

3. The Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Spot Wand for day and for night helps me reduce spots and redness, so I like to use this, and to be honest, I would recommend anything with Tea Tree in, as this really does help! You can get Tea tree steamers, and Tea Tree moisturisers too!

4. This is kind of an obvious one…Invest in a little exfoliator cloth! I use this to rub away dry skin, but please do not do it everyday, as this can be quite harsh on your skin! Maybe whenever you feel like your skin needs a little pick me-up when it’s feeling dry and flaky!

5. Toothpaste can sometimes work when applied to spots and left overnight, but be warned…It could lead to dryness and flakes, and on some skin types it might not work, and it may sting! I’ve used this before, and it did work a bit, but I’ve only tried it once, and only do it if you’re in so much need of it, as you should not do it everyday!

6. Sudocrem has been recommended to treat spots as a sort of mask by a lot of people, and I have tried this once myself, and my skin did feel a little bit better once I’d taken it off, but although this did help slightly, it didn’t COMPLETELY remove spots as such, although if you would like to try it when you have just a few spots, then maybe it will work more!


267906_351785754929992_1904198742_nI thought that I’d do a post on make-up today…But this will be a post on times when you want to cover up, but you don’t want it to be obvious, or you’re being lazy and you just don’t care! Also, if you’re not allowed to wear obvious make-up at school, but feel the need to cover up and feel more confident, then just wear these subtle make-up buys!

1. First thing is to Apply foundation! This will give you lasting coverage, and I like to use the Rimmel London Lasting Finish 25 hour foundation!

2. The next thing is to apply some concealer on any dark circles or spots that need covering! I like the Natural Collection concealer sticks!

3. Then apply some face powder to set, and I’ve been getting through three of the Max Factor Creme Puff pots, as they’re amazing!

4. Then apply some blusher to give your cheeks a nice healthy glow, and I’ve recently bought one of the MUA blushers…(Review post coming soon!)

5. Next, apply some mascara to lengthen lashes and to add volume! I’m loving my Scandal Eyes Show Off mascara from Rimmel London at the moment!

6. Finally take a pot of lip balm to nourish lips and add shine…I love any Vaseline pots, and have been using the Pink Bubbly Limited Edition pot, which also tints your lips!

Hope you enjoyed this post, and I can actually see snow falling right outside my window which is exciting! My half-term is nearly over which is quite sad, but I shall keep posting regularly, so don’t worry! Anyway, just to say, a few days ago I did an interview post on a blogger, and she’s done one on me, so go check it out at I will HOPEFULLY be doing more blogger spot-light posts soon…