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941611_391800077595226_1995701383_nHey lovelies! So today is sort of a catch-up post, as I just wanted to talk about stuff really, and up above is a little taster of my last Instaweek (when I got my new playsuit in the mail), so go check it out at: @simplytallulah, for the rest of the photos!

So anyway, tomorrow is back to school for me, so I’m sort of dreading that, as I swear I have a Science test coming up…Ugh. And that also means that I have to take this lovely Barry M Gelly nail polish in Blackberry off my nails, which is so annoying! Anyway, instead of dragging on and moaning about stuff, I just wanted to bring up the fact that the new Star Trek film is just amazing! I went and saw it with my best mate, and it brought us both to tears! It was so amazing, and Simon Pegg and Benedict Cumberbatch were so good in it, as well as the rest of the main cast! Ohohoh! And I also recently saw the new film Epic on Friday, and it was so cute! The little cartoon reminded me a bit of The Borrowers, and it was just such a cute little film, so go watch it if you want a little family trip to the cinema! It was good in 3D too!

I also recently went up to London with Megan from, and we went up to Carnaby Street to meet Tanya Burr…Long story cut short, it was mayhem. Just google it or something, or go on Twitter, and you’ll get what I mean…I also spotted Sophie from and Ellie from there, but didn’t say hello because I’m a big ninny, who didn’t want to freak them out by going all weird and fangirly over them, haha;)

Anyway, a few chilled songs for you to check out, which I have just been loving recently:

Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding – I need your love

Robyn – Call your girlfriend

Chloe Howl – Rumour

Tom Odell – Another Love

Tich – Dumb

Lucy Spraggan – Lighthouse

Tallulah xoxo


IMAG1698Hey lovelies! Today I’m going to do a post on just a little OOTD that I was meant to share with you a while back when I went to London for the day! I don’t know why I haven’t shared this with you before now, but I thought it was better late than never! As I was going to London, I decided that my outfit should be quite simple, but very chic with a cute Beatles tee from H&M, a leather jacket from New Look and my trusty New Look jeans! I had a great day out, just chilling with my family and visiting all the nice museums!

I also thought that I’d share with you last week’s instagram…And ok, I seriously took, like, no photos last week, because it was such a hectic week with exams and the end of school and everything, but I thought that I might as well show you the pictures! Feel free to follow my instagram: @simplytallulah

PicMonkey CollageLeft to right: Little treat // My tiny Pepsi bottle, whilst shopping with the girls

PicMonkey CollageHey lovelies! Just a little snap of my outfit from yesterday! I recently got a few bits from a swish…(Haul coming soon!) And I wanted to show you them in an outfit! These jeans feel so comfy and are actually from Topshop. I also found this little cropped striped tee, which I thought was perfect just as an essential piece to add to any outfit. I also got this amazing cardi, which I’ve had many compliments on, and this was actually new with the label on! It’s from Oasis, and is just a lovely big cardi to just chuck on when the weather’s a bit chilly. I also added my apple necklace, and was good to go!

942920_386049691503598_245976589_nOh look! Another instaweek! My instagram is: @simplytallulah, so feel free to follow me!

Top left to right: Blogging and snacking on minstrels. Beautiful Helmut Lang denim jacket. I’m so obsessed with hair bows at the moment.

Bottom left to right: I’m addicted to these sweets. I love rainbows. My many headscarves.

Tallulah xoxo

919813_383647731743794_269166747_oHey lovelies! It’s been a while, hasn’t it…Well, I’m in the middle of revising for my French GCSEs which are tomorrow, and I’m having a little break to talk to you guys! Anyway, I literally just did this post, but all my work was deleted because my computer crashed, so I’m having to do it all over again…Ughhh. Anyway, you wanna know what I’ve been loving? Have a look below!


– Loveable Rogues – What a night

I love these boys. Nuff’ said.

– Armin Van Buuren feat. Trevor Guthrie – This is what it feels like

This just gets me going throughout the day, and has made revision a lot more fun!

Music Artist:

I’m loving Iggy Azalea at the moment! It’s not normally that type of music that I would be interested in, but I seriously love her song ‘Work’. It’s so catchy, but can be quite annoying when I get it stuck in my head…Ask my friend Amber! I also just heard her song ‘Bounce’…Go check it out.

Blog: is just the best. She seriously puts so much effort into her blog, and I get so excited whenever I see she’s put a new youtube video up, or a new blog post, which are always so charming, hilarious, and just so sweet.


I love the new trend of matching the same prints together in outfits! Say…A little tote bag with a cute floral print, matched with a jacket with the same print on it to give it a cute and quirky touch! Jaeger, Kurt Geiger, LK Benett and River Island have some cute finds!

Also…Up the top is my Instaweek from this week…My instagram is: @simplytallulah…Feel free to follow me and all my happenings!

Tallulah xoxo

PicMonkey CollageHey lovelies! Here’s my recent week in pictures!

Just a few snaps, starting off with a lovely bake sale I took part in at my school…Don’t they look scrummy?! I spotted this next picture on the way back from school on the bus! Doesn’t the soil look like a heart?! The next picture was of when I came downstairs and found this puzzle complete…So cute! I finished the day off with a scummy pizza in my Henry Holland tights, and caught up with Dr Who…Oh and look, a little Saturday selfie just for you;) Haha. And finally a picture of books that are on my list to read!

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Tallulah xoxo

Hello! So, here’s my last week in pictures, and I had a great week away with family, getting Starbucks and going to museums and galleries…Check out my instagram here:

PicMonkey CollageIn the first picture, you can see both the Toy Story films I watched, and also my reading material for that night! Withering tights and Glamour…YES. Next is the next night’s film and book (I love a bit of Bourne!) Followed by a trip to London with amazing food with the family, and then another trip to London, spoilt with a Starbucks and also some tea at the museum! Further along in the week, I also visited the biggest, most AMAZING sweetshop ever…Marshmallow fluff, lucky charms, pop tarts, wonka bars, nerds, you name it!


I also said that I’d do this last week, but as I’ve already droned on about, stuff got in the way, and I felt like doing other posts! But, to keep you up to date on my instagram, here are my pictures from the last week.

PicMonkey CollageSo, my monthly InStyle arrived along with a few catalogues, which gave my Easter week-end some nice reading material! The next picture is of the beautiful table layed out with pretty decorations and flowers ready for our Easter meal! Next is my One Day book, which I’ve just finished, so will review soon, and also my M&Ms for a tasty snack! Then there was my chocolate bracelet (sososo cool), a dish of mini eggs (robin eggs, whatever ya wanna call them…) and also a pretty vase of daffodils.

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