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001Hey lovelies! So I know a lot of you will probably be last-minute shopping this Christmas Eve, so here are a few gift ideas to get your hands on, or to maybe even add to your own wish list!;)

1. Everyone loves DVDs, so getting your mitts on a few film to give someone this Christmas would be a perfect gift for anyone, especially a lovely festive film!

2. Cute stationary is a must for any blogger or aspiring writer, so this would make a lovely little gift! You could even give it to them as a little back-to-school gift for the new year!

3. Cosy knits are a must for anyone at this time of year! Bobble hats, mittens, scarves and jumpers are everyone’s favourites!

4. Make-up is a lovely idea for any girl into beauty and make-up, especially beauty bloggers…*Hint hint*;)

5. Jewellery, such as midi rings, chunky chain necklaces and bangles are perfect for dressing up at New Year’s and for Christmas parties!

6. Lush goodies would be great for lovely baths this time of year to help you calm down and relax! I’m definitely having a Lush bath tonight…Mark my words!

What gifts have you got for the family this year?

Tallulah xoxo


904174_372089452899622_1182585135_oSo, recently I’ve finished a few products which I’d been using over the past few months, and so I thought that I’d show you! Grab yourselves a quick cuppa, get comfy, and see what I thought about them…

Limited Edition Ponche Shower Gel – Lush:

I’m so annoyed that this shower gel is only limited edition…It’s just the best smelling shower gel in the world…To me. I really do love orange/cinnamon punchy scents, and so I used this all the time and always smelt sososo good! I told all of my friends and family to smell it and have a try, and they loved it.

Visibly Clear 2-in-1 Wash and Mask – Neutrogena:

I used this as a daily wash for mornings and evenings, and I just found it basically like any other old facial wash really. I didn’t feel like it did wonders, but it always managed to keep my face fairly moisturised which was a plus.

Concealer Stick in Fair – Natural Collection:

This concealer was ok…I thought it did quite well for it’s price range, and it concealed my under-eye bags well, but the only problem was that it wasn’t great for concealing spots, and was actually quite drying. I actually just finished it today, and have now started using the Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer, and oh my, is it good.

Volume Million Lashes Mascara – L’Oreal:

I got really into this when I first started using it, and found it really good, and basically just fell in love, but then after a while, it sort of just lost its magic, and just wasn’t too great…

Scandal Eyes Show Off Mascara – Rimmel:

This is good stuff. I do recommend this if you want really thick, big lashes! It’s really great, but now I’ve moved on to my No7 Mascara, I don’t miss it at all…

Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Spot Wand – Boots:

This spot fighter really helps target spots and reduce redness effectively! It’s so great, and I really recommend it, as it’s just so cheap! Well done Boots.

Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts? I’d love to know down below!


Hello all! Yes, I did change the layout of my page, ha ha, and I might be creating a ‘Contact and info’ page soon, too! Anyway, I reallyreallyreally want either some velvet trousers or a velvet skirt…When I saw my cousin wearing velvet trousers, I fell in love! I also saw Kavita from rocking the trend and I got together a few looks that I thought you might like…number 1,,

A cute top, trainers and velvet trousers make the casual look so much more elegant!number 4,,

This look you could wear out anywhere! To a party, shopping or just hanging out with friends!

The next craze I’m loving are leather shorts and trousers! I saw Lily from rocking leather trousers in her new video, and I just could not resist doing a post on leather as well! I’ve also seen Miley Cyrus wearing leather a lot too!number 2,,

This is an all black monochrome number, but what makes it interesting, is the heels on the boots and the panelling on the shirt!number 3,,

The neon paired with the spikes give this look a pop of colour, along with some attitude!


003Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, but as I said in a recent post, I have had a busy week this week! But I thought I’d update my blog on a matter that has come up. Dry lips. Where I live, it’s been so cold recently, and it even snowed this week! This has made many of our lips dry, and in need of help! Also as Valentine’s Day, has just gone, I was going to post this up before, for some tips on nice lips, but I didn’t have time!=( But oh well, I’ll do it anyway!=)

1. Wet your lips and exfoliate them. I do this by applying either a lip scrub (Lush do very good ones!) Or I take my toothbrush and scrub my lips with it for about 10 seconds. This gets all the dry skin away, and leaves your lips looking more fresh and clean.

2. Stay away from staining drinks like coffee or tea. This can stain your lips. You could either cut down on those drinks, and not have them so regularly, or you could use a straw.

3. Hydrate your lips by drinking water. Drinking more water will help your lips by making them more smooth and refreshed!

4. Heat can dry out lips. If you can stay away from a lot of heat, this will help a lot, especially when you’re in the sun, and are in need of a way to protect your lips…Try a lip balm that contains Spf!

5. Obviously keep moisturising lips with lip balms. I love using my Vaseline lip balms…They are my everyday need!

6. Stay away from lip-sticks if your lips are crusty and dry. This will just make them look even crustier and worse, so go for a lip-liner and lip-tint/stain or gloss, or you could even try mixing matte blush or matte eye-shadow with a lip balm to give lasting colour! (Try concealer and lip balm for a nude lip!)

braceletsSo, Valentine’s day is coming up, and I know that a lot of people will be single, but this doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate it! It can just be an excuse to just chill and celebrate being you!

I know it all seems quite cheesy, but all you need is good food and a quick pamper!

So, start off by running yourself a warm bath and get your bath products ready! I love Lush goodies, as I think everyone knows, so I would just treat myself to a bubble bar, bath bomb or bath melt with maybe a shower scrub and shower gel. Anything will do as long as you can relax and enjoy yourself with maybe a few candles…(be careful!) and some sweet smelling goodies!

Then dry your hair and finish with some hair products (if you need inspiration for hair products, try this> and then get into your jimjams or snuggly onesie and go get the choccies!

Lay out the choccies on the bed and then grab some nail polishes to paint your nails with and some nice jewellery…(I like stackable bracelets like the picture up there^), some CDs to dance to, some good reading material, and maybe some movies!

Just chill and enjoy the night, and…Will you be my Valentine?



bubblesI wanted to do a nice Winter favourites post, as I can’t really do a Monthly favourites beauty post every month, as I don’t buy products that much, as it takes me ages to use up make-up or beauty products! I also like using the same products again and again sometimes, as well as, well, come on, I’m only 14 so I can’t really afford it!

So, I wanted to start off with nail polishes! I have quite a few nail polishes in my favourites, and I think a few of them might be quite old. My first nail polish is the Rimmel London Lasting finish Lycra wear in number 462 Milk Chocolate! I actually LOVE this, and could not stop wearing this for AGES. I highly recommend it, as it’s probably my most favourite nail polish EVER (well, so far!) The colour is like a nude/baby pink colour, and it’s just gorgeous! I know it looks quite summery…but oh well…I’ve also loved the L’Oreal Laqui resist nail polish in number 288. The colour is a nice shiny blue/purple colour, and it’s doesn’t chip THAT easily, although my one’s getting a bit watery and old now. I’ve also been loving my two new nail polishes, which is the Bourjois Paris So laque! Ultra shine in number 61 Vert Chlorophylle. This green colour just gives my fingers a nice jazzy colour and puts me in a good mood! I’m also loving the H&M nail polish in Sparkling glitter, as it makes my nails look fresh and sparkly over other nail polishes!

Next is the Nivea Soft Refreshingly soft moisturising cream which makes my skin feel nice and smooth, and it’s also got Jojoba oil and Vitamin E in it!

Next is the Forever 21 Love&Beauty 16 shade shimmery shadow palette which gives me a choice of 16 sparkly shades which make my eyes dazzle!

I also love the Rimmel London Professional eyebrow pencil in number 002 Hazel. This just fills in my eyebrows for a nice bold look to make them stand out a lot more.

The Rimmel London Professional Glam eyes liquid liner that gives me nice straight flicks across my eyelid is also a good buy! I love it!

I just love Vaseline…Don’t you? I’ve been loving the new Lip therapy Limited edition Pink Bubbly Vaseline which soothes my lips, making them soft, slightly tinted and smelling yummy!

I know you’ve all heard me rave about the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask…But it really does work! It makes my skin look more radiant and glowing whenever I use this! Pricey…But amazing!

Ok, yes, I’m a massive Lush fan, and so I HAVE to add in a favourite Lush product, and that’s GOT to be the Limited edition Ponche Shower gel! It smells sososo good, and leaves my skin smelling wonderful and Christmas-y (yes, I know it’s not Christmas any more!) after I get out of the bath or shower. Let me just take another quick sniff of that beauty…

L’Oreal have definitely done it for me this season! Their primer AND BB Cream are AMAZING! Quite pricey, but oh my goodness, they are SO wonderful! The Studio Secrets professional primer instantly softens skin ready for applying make-up, and the Nude Magique bb cream instantly makes my skin glow, as well as containing 24 hour protection and SPF 12!

My favourite fragrance this season has got to be the Sun. Moon. Stars. Karl Lagerfeld perfume…It just smells LUSH. I’m not very good at describing perfume smells, but just go have a whiff of it and you’ll see!

So, those are my Winter beauty favourites and I hope you enjoyed it! If you have any favourites for this Winter, please comment and tell me, as I’d love to know!


lushJust a big collective haul, not for bragging, with shops occurring of Boots, Lush, H&M, River Island and Primark!

Yesterday I took a shopping trip with Megan from, as a ‘Big Christmas money and vouchers spending spree’, and I brought back a lot of bags, with a lot of lovely stuff that I wanted to share with you!

As we journeyed to the shopping mall, I wrote a list of shops in my mind that I wanted to visit…As the mall came into view, we stepped off the bus and found our way inside, suddenly surrounded by people busily shopping, and the warmth of the shopping centre filled us with joy…Now for the fun!

We first found ourselves in H&M, as I had £30 to spend there, and I found a beautiful silky grey jumper for £9.99. I also got another grey jumper, but it’s knitted and slightly cropped. I got this for £14.99. Another thing I got from H&M was a white t-shirt with ‘The Beatles’ printed across it, and the bands’ faces. This was £9.99, but I only got it for £3, as it was in the sale! I also bought some lip balms and nail varnishes for my friends, as it was their birthdays, and I got the two lip balms in a pack for £2.99, and the two nail varnishes in a pack for £2.99 as well!

We then went into River Island, as I had a £15 voucher, and I found a beautiful checked shirt in purples and blues for £15 in the sale, which had previously been £30! It has cute little studs on the collar and shoulders, which glams it up a little bit with a pretty sparkle!

We then went into Boots, and my friend picked up a few things, but I just bought gum! I run out so quickly, and I just found some Extra gum for 50p, and was on my way…

After a quick stop for lunch, we wandered into Primark, and I found a top in the sale for £1! It was previously £6, so I thought why not! It has little sparkly gold crosses on the front. I also found a brown snood, and had been looking for the right snood for ages and finally found one! Plus, it was in the sale, and was only £3, when before it was £8.

We were then hit with the smell of Lush, and I am crazy about Lush! I love the smells, and the products so much, so we just HAD to go in! I grabbed the Lush Times, and also a Tea Tree steamer tab for £1, and a Dream Steam steamer tab for £2.50…And then we went home and partied. Such a good day!