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Hey lovelies! BIG NEWS!!! It’s my second bloggy birthday today, and so I shall be doing FIVE, yes FIVE posts today! I know I haven’t blogged in a while, so I also feel as though I need to fill you in a bit more and make up for it! *Queue silly selfies ft. Tash, Emillie and Kim*.


xxOh, and you’re welcome to sing happy birthday to me…Um, at your computer screen..Urm.

Tallulah xoxo


My fashion favourites 2013Hey lovelies! Today’s trip down memory lane occurs of me showing you some snippets of my style, which has gradually changed and adapted throughout this year. My blog has become a much bigger, important aspect in my life, and I’m so happy with what’s come along with the blog; people I’ve met, talking to my readers and so many big opportunities! I’ve been enjoying having my blog as a little space where I can just talk about anything, and can just come to whenever I want some time to just put all my energy into writing, making me become a much more positive person. My hobby for writing has progressed from writing stories when I was younger, to writing to you guys and hopefully this will all pay off when studying for my English GCSEs! I just wanted to say a big thank you to all of you for everything that’s happened in 2013 and all the support for this part of my life, which will hopefully carry on and grow into the next year. I wish you all the best, and a happy new year!

Tallulah xoxo

1491714_497226957052537_1501802717_nHey lovelies! The #BritishBloggerSelection theme for last week is supposedly on bargains that I’ve found…And I thought I’d make a whole list on things to do this Christmas Eve…Either fun free things to do with the family or some cheap days out! (Does that count as bargains I’ve found…? I think so;))

1. Paint your nails: Get those glitter polishes out and those classic Christmas colours and make sure those talons look perfect!

2. Spa time: Maybe take a lush bath and get those skin-care products out to polish up for the big day! You need to be looking fresh before you scoff all the chocolates!

3. Read: Get those festive books and magazines out and let you’re mind wander and just relax!

4. Cosy up: Chuck on the knits, big festive jumpers and bobble hats…Go wild!

5. Belt out those tunes: Have a sing-along with the family or head out to sing some carols!

6. Open a sneaky present early: Of course I’ve opened a few presents early…I’ve opened the ones my friends gave me, because you just have to open presents they give you in front of them…Right?! (Such a good excuse;))

7. Make sure all the decorations are up: Get those lights up and maybe even go for a walk to look at all the lights around your street!

8. Get those festive films out: A Christmas Carol (Disney all the way), Elf, The Grinch and Polar Express have got to be my faves…Sit down, grab the choccies and have a little family movie together!

9. Light those candles: Yankees, Diptyques…Hello beauties.

10. Get baking: Honeycomb brownies anyone?!

11. Go to a party: Maybe catch-up with some family or friends and have a little pre-Christmas feast! 

12. Sort those presents: Make sure you’ve bought all those gifts and you’ve got them wrapped and ready…

13. Go to a festive venue: I think some ice skating and Winter Wonderland is on the agenda…

14. Go to the cinema: I’m off to see The Hobbit today! (The second one obvs) I’ve been wanting to see it for ages, so my daddy’s going to take me. Nora‘s been telling me that it’s amazing, so I’m beyond excited!

15. Make a gingerbread house: Grab a last-minute how-to kit from somewhere like Sainsbury’s or Lidl and stick those gum drops on!

What’s your plans for today?

Tallulah xoxo

028 015 018 008 005Brogues – Clarks // Top – H&M // Shorts – New Look // Jacket – New Look // Socks – Jessica Simpson // Rings – 1. Hand made, 2. Hand made, 3. Unknown

Hey lovelies! I woke up on Bank Holiday Monday feeling like taking some pictures of my outfit in the gorgeous sun! I decided to put together an outfit which looked slightly smart with the brogues and jacket, but also with a pop of bold, bright colour with the socks and the Beatles tee, as well as some shorts, as it was just too hot to wear jeans. I love this outfit. I think it’s just so chic, and with the added rings, and the cute knuckle ring, I think this outfit is so pretty for a lovely day out! I spent the day wandering through a beautiful forest, and walking past lakes, and gazing at beautiful flowers. It was so lovely and relaxing to be with my family and just chill out and have some fun! You may have also seen these cute frilly socks on my instagram (@simplytallulah), where I stated that these were only 50p from TK Maxx! Such a bargain, and such a great find!

Tallulah xoxo

003 004 010 015 002Sunglasses – New Look // Top – From a little pop-up shop I found // Shorts – Debenhams // Leather jacket – New Look // Boots – Forever 21

Hey lovelies! Today was just so beautiful that I just had to go outside and take a few outfit pictures! I spent the rest of the day playing music with one of my best friends, and had a lovely time! Now it’s time for a bit of youtube and I’m also just about to go and watch Gulliver’s travels with the family, but before I do that, let me take you through my outfit…

This beautiful bird printed sheer tee is perfect for spring, and I cant obsess over how much I love these boots! The tee was from a little pop-up shop that I found on a street whilst browsing New Look and Jack Wills a while back, and thought that it was something that I just had to buy, and perfect for the winter to spring transition! (I also found a few tops like these in New Look, but this one was way cooler with a zip down the back, which I forgot to show…) Yes, I know these shorts are quite tightly fitted and really short, but that’s how they’re supposed to be, and they’re actually quite comfy! I finished the look up with my sunnies, and also a nice leather jacket, as it became a bit windy throughout the day…Anyway, I hope you liked this post, and what do you think about the shorts? A bit too short and tight, or not?

Tallulah xoxo

PicMonkey Collage PicMonkey CollagefHey lovelies! So another week is coming close to an end, so here are the pictures from this week, and a few from last week-end! Enjoy!

Top left-right: Yummy lunch. // Amazing Topshop boots I found. // I made cookie in a cup for pudding. // Topshop did it again with Tangerine Dreams. // Cute scarab beetle from The British Museum that my cousin gave me. // Relaxing whilst enjoying InStyle and Love Film. // I made choclate chip cookies. // Beautiful Manolo Blahnik daisy boots I found in my magazine.

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Tallulah xoxo


Hey lovelies! So yesterday I saw Megan from, and we just went and had a browse in Boots and Superdrug, and I picked up a few things…I’ll do a haul post soon! And then we came back, took some OOTD pictures, and made pizza, curled up and watched films, and had a lovely little sleep-over! I can now actually have my face in my pictures which is good, so it’s better for OOTD posts! Anyway, I’m so tired, so I’m sorry if this is bad writing, it’s just cause I’ve been doing an audition to be part of Grease: The Musical all day, and I’m so exhausted! But here I am…So, here are the pictures…

105 064 065 067 077Hat – New Look // Top – Henry Holland // Shorts – New Look // Tights – Henry Holland // Boots – New Look

I’ve just realised that all I’m wearing are clothes from New Look and Henry Holland!  Well I do love both those brands…Anyway, I hope you liked this post, and I hope you like the tights…They’re new;) Haha.

Tallulah xoxo