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001Hey lovelies! It’s been a while…But I’m back! *Guess who’s back back back, back again gain gain*

I won’t go into too much detail about why I’ve been away, but all you need to know is that I’m back, and shall now be regularly blogging again, but just not as regular as before I’m afraid.

So as you can tell, I went shopping a little while back and spent a lot of cash on just four items (make-up is becoming so much more expensive nowaday, it’s doing my head in!) I’m completely in love with all of them, so I thought I’d share my love of them with you guys!

1. Simple’s Hydrating moisturiser: I needed to stock up on moisturiser’s as I keep getting through them so fast, so I of course got the Simple moisturiser! It just does the trick, no wonder it’s UK’s No.1!

2. Maybelline’s the Rocket mascara: I thought I was a Maybelline the Falsies kinda gal, but then this stepped into my life and literally took over! Maybelline mascaras really are perfect.

3. Rimmel’s Scandaleyes micro-precision eyeliner: I’ve been searching for the ONE, when it comes to liquid eyeliner for a very long time. Trying countless eyeliners, I think I may have finally found it…It’s practically a pen and can draw on the perfect thin line, or build up to a full cat-eye.

4. Revlon’s Photoready concealer: I’ve never really liked concealers which are in stick form, I’ve normally liked liquid ones, but my friend persuaded to get my hands on this, stating that it’s her favourite concealer, so I decided to give it a go. I love it. I didn’t think I would, but this has great coverage, blends easily, doesn’t crease and gives a lovely matte finish, as I don’t really suit the whole ‘dewy’ look! I build it up with my foundation when I want a bit more coverage, but even on it’s own, it’s a delight.

What have you been loving recently?

Tallulah xoxo

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1475939_496380813803818_1089961232_nHey lovelies! So on the agenda today is a little #BritishBloggerSelection post on haircare! I wanted to specifically do it on one product though, just because I think this product deserves more of a little mention as I don’t think it’s been on my blog before! It’s of course this wonderful mini hairspray from Bb which I got free with Elle magazine one time, and I absolutely love it! Let’s get on to why that is…

I mist this beauty all over my hair after straightening it to hold my hair in place. It’s a great cult travel beauty essential, and instantly adds volume and lift to my otherwise limp and wispy hair! I can definitely feel and slightly see the extra thickness and lift it provides, although some say that they don’t see much of a change. It’s quite greasy and smells a lot, but I personally love the smell, as it smells quite refreshing, and reminds me of my time in Mallorca when I used this constantly!

I personally wouldn’t go the whole hog and buy the large £21.50 bottle, but this is perfect as a one-off freebie and really does suit my needs, acting as a 2 in 1 hairspray and volumizer!

Have you tried this hairspray?

Tallulah xoxo

001 004Hey lovelies! Recently my wonderful grandparents treated me to this perfume from Juicy Couture, and I was so touched that they got it for me! We all found it at this little charity shop in Chichester, and it was completely new and not even un-boxed! It was such a good find, and I dare say this is definitely my favourite scent of the moment!

I’d seen all of the Viva la Juicy adverts across magazine spreads, and the packaging looked so sweet and adorable, yet rather wild, so I was hooked from the start! With the little jewel top, and wrap-around bow, it’s definitely one to show off! Along with the little cute logo, and the popping pink box, it’s probably the most feminine, glamorous perfume I own, and the scent doesn’t disappoint!

It’s quite a bit too floraly for the Winter time, but do I care?! It’s scent is described in this little cute story I found on the Debenhams website:

“One day in a land called Pacoima two nice girls created a Juicy Eau de Parfum that smells like Couture. Then they said -Wait a minute. We want more! It should be haute. It should be couture. But no matter what – it’s got to be Juicy for sure. And that s how they created it. It s the way Juicy girls smell the world when they can t get enough couture.The fragrance has two sides: fun, young and cool with notes of Caramel and Praline; and mature and glamorous with notes of Gardenia and Jasmine.”

It’s rather pricey, but definitely worth it for the longevity of the scent (although I did get mine for about a third of the original price)! I think it’s clear to say that I’m in love with this perfume and thank you so much to my awesome grandparents for treating me with it! The scent is so long lasting, and I get wonderful comments about it, so definitely go check it out! The packaging is so girly and fun, that it definitely won’t disappoint!

Do you own this perfume?

Tallulah xoxo

005 009Hey lovelies! So I eventually gravitated towards the Baby Lips hype, and I can say that I’m actually really happy that I did! I’d seen many a beauty blogger stating that they’d never give in to the hype, and that they hated the consistency and the formula, but also many who loved it, and recommended it!

I’d like to first say that I’m very impressed by how moisturising it is, and about how it’s very creamy and soft once applied. The colour is very buildable and impressive for a tinted lip balm, apart from the fact that it can come across as a bit much, as the colour is quite a popping baby pink, so with a lot on, it can look slightly odd (on me anyway!) It is quite sticky, and if you’re lips aren’t in great condition I wouldn’t advise using this, as the colour may stick to some bits of your lips if your lips are quite dry. Maybe opt for using one of the un-tinted ones which I’ve heard good and bad things about at times when you need more of a nourish! (I haven’t myself tried any of them)

Overall I love this product and I use it every day mixed in with my rather coral Lip Butter from Revlon, just to create a more berry shade which is a lot more suitable for this time of year!

What are your thoughts on the Baby Lips range?

Tallulah xoxo

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Hey lovelies! I thought that I’d do a sort of little inspiration post today, all about films that basically have the best fashion…Ever. These films have inspired me to step out of my comfort zone (just look at Clueless, and all the tartan that pops up!) and have made basically an impact on me…Wooaah, an impact;) And I’ve just been seriously lusting over all the beautiful dresses (Breakfast at Tiffany’s for example) and that cute blue eye shadow in Moonrise Kingdom…But anyway, let’s stop rambling now, and I’ll get straight into it!



So as I said, look at that tartan…This quirky film all about young teenage girls growing up, and trying to ‘fit in’ and stay on trend every day (by using their clothes matcher machine obvs), and it really does kick up a spark in the wardrobe department for me…Big hats, little skirts…’Yep, he’s definitely a Baldwin…’

Moonrise Kingdom:


Oh my goodness, asdfghjkl *eeep!* This is absolutely one of my favourite films of all time…Wes I love you. The storyline is perfect, and just hilarious. ‘I’m going out to chop a tree, I’ll be round back…’ Humourous, and full of 60s inspired fashion…Look up Orla Kiely’s 2014 collection for some inspo on dressing like Moonrise Kingdom goddess Suzy…Just look at those knee-high socks, and the cute dress with little cuffed sleeves!



Grease…Ahhh Grease, one of the best musicals of all time in my opinion! This has always been such a classic, and one of my all-time favourite films…Sandy is just flawless, and Danny is perfect! The clothes and the singing add just that little sparkle of high-school glamour, and it turns out to be a roller-coaster of a ride…

The Devil Wears Prada:


I have this on DVD for when I’m feeling ill, or I’m in need of a pick-me-up…It always makes me feel better, and Anne Hathaway is just excellent…Not to mention Meryl Streep! It shows how some magazine companies, and the fashion world as a whole, can be a tough, hard industry to work for, but in the end…It all turns out well for Andy…Watch it and see!;) Obviously we get to see millions of clothes and designers…So yes, a big dream come true!;)

Breakfast at Tiffany’s:


Okay, now this is a keeper. This is probably one of the most iconic films for fashion that there is…And this is obviously because the one and only Audrey is in it.;) Not to mention James Dean…! Her jewellery is amazing (not to mention those sunnies!), and the film is so elegant, and glamorous, that you really do feel like a movie star just watching it…

Coco Before Chanel:


Chanel. Just that one word and you know that this film has just got to be good. (Woops, I nearly put food instead of good…I must be hungry…Wait a sec…) *Fifteen minutes later.* Anyway, yes, I watched this beautiful French film on LoveFilm a while back, and fell in love! It’s all about Coco’s struggles, and her journey to fame, and how she entered into the gorgeous, brilliant fashion world with a fierce spark…I bring you…Coco Chanel.

500 Days Of Summer:

500 Days of Summer 2_0Source

This film is just the cutest. Zooey’s dresses, and cute bangs are what makes the film utterly amazing and perfect and *lalala*…And just look at Joe’s tee…It says ‘Love will tear us apart’…Just the cutest! Such a sweet film of the 500 days that Summer and Tom spent together, and their ups and downs…The perfect chick flick!

My Week With Marilyn:


Sorry, I now feel like I’m reviewing each film instead of just talking about the fashion aspects of it, but come on, these films are brilliant, and I do sometimes get overwhelmed at just HOW brilliant they are…! I’ll try a bit harder not to review this film though…Anyway, so look who it is…Michelle Williams as Marilyn! I didn’t even realise how much they actually do look alike! I think that Scarlett Johansson looks a bit like her too…But anyway, off the subject, so yeah, this beautiful, fascinating film is like a little insight into the life of Marilyn from one boy’s eyes, and how he meets the one and only, iconic leading lady, who’s fashion sense was irresistible, and who’s to blame for making Chanel No.5 even more irresistible! Ladies and gents…It’s Marilyn Monroe!

Tallulah xoxo

013Hey lovelies! So hair. I recently got my hair ‘trimmed’…Well I wanted about an inch off and my mum took off a whole chunk. I hated it, as I was known for having my hair quite long, and I wanted to keep it long, but healthy so that it would grow a lot longer…And my mum ended up ruining it. But then…Yes, I grew to love it, and it wasn’t even that short! (Drama queen alert). I love how it makes me feel like a new and better me. Ya know when just a little thing makes you feel that little bit different?! If you ever want a change, then changing your hair is the best thing. Even if it’s just trying out a new hairstyle! My hair felt lush. It felt new, cuter, bouncy, and full of life again! I think it’s perfect for starting a new year at school…Feeling fresh and raring to go. So let’s take a look at my holy grail products for keeping my hair voluminous, protected and soft!

1. VO5 Give Me Texture Tousled Style Spray: I love this product. This literally does exactly what it says on the bottle. It gives texture, and lifts my hair, making it tousled, and perfect for styling!

2. Fantasia Hair Polisher Heat Protector Straightening Serum: Before straightening my hair or blow drying, I squeeze enough serum to reach every bit of hair into my palm, and just massage it into my locks. This just helps protect my hair from the nasty heat, whilst still giving it shine and helping keep my hair straight!

3. Percy&Reed Volumising No Oil…Oil: At first I didn’t really like this, but I now use it quite a lot, as I love it! I use it to define and texturise my curls, and squeeze a smidgen into my palm and rub it through my locks for a finishing touch after blow drying!

4. Trevor Sorbie Goop: This shines and defines…Who would have guessed…Haha;) It also has amazing benefits like Vitamin E, helps protect from heat too(!), helps protect from sun damage and also helps style and keep shiny! Just a great product all in one.

Tallulah xoxo

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018Hey lovelies! Been a while hasn’t it…I just got back from Mallorca a few days ago, and ahhh, it was bliss! So hot, so sunny…So relaxing, and then I got back to England and was like ‘humphhh, what to to do with rain and grey skies?!’ I still thought I could prance around in just shorts and tees, but oh no…Anyway, I thought I’d start with this little post to slowly come back into blogging…Hoorayyy!

Day fragrances:

Gilly Hicks-Apple Orchid: This body mist is so sweet and perfect for the Summer months, I think you could say it was my friend’s fault for buying this, as she bought two (including this one), and there was a 3 for 2 offer, so she practically made me…Excuses excuses, I know…

Natural Collection-Apple&Lime: This was a gift to me a while back, and it’s actually nearly run out which is a shame, but ahhh, it’s actually a really great find, as it’s cheap and smells great!

Stella McCartney-Stella: This is by far one of my faves. My mum didn’t seem to like this, so I suppose if you’re not too into girly, sweet fragrances, then this isn’t for you, but I adore it! It’s so classy and chic.

015Night fragrances:

Elizabeth Arden-Splendor: I know a lot of people find this a sort of granny-ish brand and scent, but I love Elizabth Arden, and the scent is just lovely, mature and sweet. I love to wear it on special occasions, as it’s so lasting, and I get lots of compliments!

FCUK-Connect for her: I was so excited when I got given this as a Christmas present, and my expectations were definitely high…I wasn’t let down one bit! Sweet and strong, this is great for nights out!

Karl Lagerfeld-Sun, Moon, Stars: Ohhh you’ve heard me rave about this for yonks, so I expect I don’t really need to go into detail! Definitely my signature scent.

A bit rambly I know, and sometimes it feels like I’m in an advert! Sorry if it feels like I’m always trying to make you but them, but it’s because they’re so damn good, and I just love them! Oh yeah, sorry for the lack of knowledge scents-wise too…

Tallulah xoxo

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