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Hey lovelies! Is it me, or is sewing now the new equivalent to partying? Everyone seems to be up and sewing and making their own clothes. People seem to be joining sewing clubs, and sewing blogs seem to be all anyone’s talking about!

One example of this new trend, is when The Sewing Bee was recently aired on the BBC. Many fashion-obsessed maniacs, including me, watched with awe and wonder, and took to the world of sewing with a leap in our step! It truly inspired me to get out the old machine and start decorating and customising some old tops and jeans. Hopefully I might even get round to making some clothes!

Company magazine have also recently mentioned how sewing has made a big come-back, and their former columnist Jazz Domino Holly is now said to be the Queen of Crafts, giving sewing a new name. Her awesome creativity and amazing sense of style has inspired all of us, and everyone is now following their grandma’s footsteps in order to stay fashionable!

Sewing is also great for saving money and recycling. Use up old tees and fabrics on making new items! No need to spend a great deal of money, apart from some spare pennies for a needle and thread! Just get up and go! Anyone can sew, and just make sure you make clothes that are cosy, comfortable, and just make them unique to suit your style, instead of that same old Topshop print dress that every other girl has. Pick up a sewing kit and beginner’s guide, as well as some tutorials or instructions on sewing a beautiful garment, and come out looking like the great fashionista you are!

Tallulah xoxo