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Hey lovelies! This is a very late birthday and other bits haul, as my birthday was more than seven weeks ago…But anyway, the time has definitely come to show you some of what I got! (Disclaimer as usual: I’m not bragging in any way, I love reading and watching hauls, but if you don’t then just click away!) I’ve only included a few bits of what I got, so you may see some other new bits and pieces popping up in other posts! And you can tell why taking pictures at night is a bad way to go…The flash makes your pictures look awful, but come on, who doesn’t like three posts in one day?;)


  • That snuggly jumper that you can see on the far right is from New Look, and it’s the best darn thing ever. Especially for keeping me warm and snug for Winter!
  • The scarf in the bottom corner was from one of my oldest friends Phoebe, and it’s the most gorgeous thing; the pattern’s lovely!
  • That black thing there…Those are knee-high socks, and I got some more of those in different colours for my birthday, and I love pairing them with skater skirts and dresses for a bit of class;)
  • My stripy jumper is the best thing ever. My grandparents got it for me from France, so it’s a proper French, thick jumper, and oh, I feel like Amelie in it!
  • I had to fold up this over-sized smock tee-shirt dress, so it looks slightly mushed up, but all I can say is New Look, well done.


  • First of all, of course I need to dash off to Boots for some new dry shampoo when I’m all out. It’s an essential, and Batiste always does it for me!
  • I thought I’d join in with the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer trend, and to be honest I don’t like it at all…Please don’t hate me, but all the colours didn’t really suit my skin colour, so I picked up this one, and it was a wrong choice…It doesn’t blend in too well, and it creases on my eyes.
  • I popped into Primark to get a pack of cute earrings, as I only have two pairs!
  • In the star pouch is one of my pairs of earrings that I got for my birthday…Cute little butterfly studs!
  • This cute stripy ring matches my stripy jumper and makes for a perfect duo for a night out!
  • Aren’t these tweezers the cutest thing?! It makes plucking my eyebrows actually enjoyable…
  • This lipstick was one that my mummy quickly picked up for me for Halloween as I wanted a really fun bright pink!
  • I’m loving these Real Techniques brushes a lot at the moment, and I definitely recommend them (I recently just washed them, so I can’t wait to reapply my make-up as if they’re new again!;))

004A few books I was gifted! (Currently loving Cheryl’s at the moment;))

005See, this is why no one should take pictures at night. But on a serious note, all these CDs are perfect.

What have you been hauling recently?

Tallulah xoxo




Hey Lovelies! Oooh I have an exciting little post today! (Well to me it’s quite exciting…) I of course popped into Lush on a little shopping trip with my friends, and I just HAD to take a looky at all their new Christmas stock, and maybe make a few purchases…

Of course I have to point out the obvious disclaimer that I’m in no way bragging, I just thought it would be nice to show you all what I got, as I love watching and reading about Lush hauls and hauls in general!


001I have no idea if those are his eyes, or just some random little spots on the bath bomb, but oh my goodness it smells amazing! I’m sorry, I get overexcited when it comes to Lush and baths. It smells rather cocoa butter-y and slightly citrus-y with some lemon oil. I’m yet to try this, but I may cut it into two so I can use it twice!

The Christmas Penguin:

003Aw this little guy! Isn’t he cute?! He seems rather messy with his little nose and bits and pieces having fallen off, but this is probably the most exciting out of the lot! I have used some of this already (as you can see from the crumbly top!) And it made my bath blue and bubbly! I’m trying to make this last a long time, which isn’t really working as you can tell, but oh, a girl can try!


006I can’t really tell the different scents of each of my Lush goodies now, as I tried to stuff them all into two bags between them, so the scents are all sort of merging together (my room smells like a Lush shop, oh my goodness), but I think this little one smells a bit buttery like the Butterball and quite vanilla-ry!

The Melting Snowman:

008Everyone always goes nuts about this one, so I’m excited to try him out, as he’s super adorable too! I can’t quite tell if those little buttons and eyes are chocolate or not…As they now look like raisins in this picture which is odd! And look at the cute carrot nose! It feels rather dry, but I’ve heard good things about this, and that it creates a milky texture in your bath which softens up your skin.

I’m sorry, I hope I haven’t tempted you too much…

Tallulah xoxo


001 004Hey lovelies! Recently my wonderful grandparents treated me to this perfume from Juicy Couture, and I was so touched that they got it for me! We all found it at this little charity shop in Chichester, and it was completely new and not even un-boxed! It was such a good find, and I dare say this is definitely my favourite scent of the moment!

I’d seen all of the Viva la Juicy adverts across magazine spreads, and the packaging looked so sweet and adorable, yet rather wild, so I was hooked from the start! With the little jewel top, and wrap-around bow, it’s definitely one to show off! Along with the little cute logo, and the popping pink box, it’s probably the most feminine, glamorous perfume I own, and the scent doesn’t disappoint!

It’s quite a bit too floraly for the Winter time, but do I care?! It’s scent is described in this little cute story I found on the Debenhams website:

“One day in a land called Pacoima two nice girls created a Juicy Eau de Parfum that smells like Couture. Then they said -Wait a minute. We want more! It should be haute. It should be couture. But no matter what – it’s got to be Juicy for sure. And that s how they created it. It s the way Juicy girls smell the world when they can t get enough couture.The fragrance has two sides: fun, young and cool with notes of Caramel and Praline; and mature and glamorous with notes of Gardenia and Jasmine.”

It’s rather pricey, but definitely worth it for the longevity of the scent (although I did get mine for about a third of the original price)! I think it’s clear to say that I’m in love with this perfume and thank you so much to my awesome grandparents for treating me with it! The scent is so long lasting, and I get wonderful comments about it, so definitely go check it out! The packaging is so girly and fun, that it definitely won’t disappoint!

Do you own this perfume?

Tallulah xoxo

Hey lovelies! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, and this post is, urm, really late…But I thought I’d just post, as I actually have the time to! So anyway…

Today I went to Chichester with my grandparents, and we visited a lovely little art gallery which was showing an art exhibition of Eduardo Paolozzi’s work. Unfortunately I wasn’t aloud to take pictures, but I can definitely say that it was remarkable! I studied Paolozzi for a bit for my Art GCSE, so it was awesome to actually see some of the work that I’d drew and painted of his, in real life!

We also went to a sweet little tea room for lunch (pictured below!) and we also did a little bit of shopping…Oh, and because this was the last weekend that the exhibition was up for, you may not be able to catch it…Unless you live around Chichester, and you’re free tomorrow! I would really recommend taking a look!

993705_458372204271346_1859757179_n 1186184_458370084271558_153246482_n 1377592_458373647604535_74106227_n 1383205_458370267604873_1398111813_n 1384109_458379467603953_630768796_n 1385083_458368294271737_414930633_n 1391641_458378944270672_762300013_n 1394446_458370797604820_295951741_n 1395983_458369904271576_508245442_nTallulah xoxo

Hey lovelies! Today’s second post occurs of numerous items that I picked up over the Summer, and a few things that I’ve also recently got…Just a reminder, these are things from ages ago, and over the Summer that I bought at different times, but have only just put them into a haul post for you all! So yes, there is quite a bit, but I’m not trying to brag at all, and if you don’t like hauls then just click off now!:)001

  • So I bought this backpack from SoulCal as my school bag, and it really is perfect! It fits everything in there…Apart from the fact that the popper keeps coming undone *ughhh*.
  • This other bag used to be my mum’s, but she was clearing out some of her old stuff, and asked if I’d like it, and I jumped at the chance! It’s such a lovely simple bag, and seems perfect for any occasion.
  • This belt either belonged to my mum or dad…I can’t remember, but you can see how it’s been used for a long time by all the scratch marks on the metal! I really needed a new belt, and thought this was ideal for the job.
  • When I went to the London bloggy meet-up I bought this chunky gold necklace (I know, kinda mainstream, but oh well) from Topshop, and oh, how I’m in love! It goes with everything and anything, and really jazzes up an outfit.
  • You can’t really see the flower crown in the picture, sorry, but it’s just a cute little headband with flowers and leaves stuck on with a few beads in the middle, and it’s gorgeous! It’s from Accessorize, so obviously it’s a keeper.
  • I was browsing ebay and found this gorgeous little hair clip with little flowers and gold detailing, and just knew I had to have it…Especially as it was so cheap, and they normally cost loads if you go to a shop!
  • I got these two bracelets when I was in Mallorca on holiday, and how sweet are they?! The little yellow one is my favourite, and was a gift from someone that we were staying with, and I also love the blue one with the little bobble ties on the end…And don’t forget the studs!
  • One Day is one of my all-time favourite films ever, and it always will be.


  • I was in such a hurry to take these pictures, that you can hardly even see anything in this one, as it’s all so dark *grrr*.:( But oh well, I got harem pants! My mum gave me her old ones as some comfy bottoms for lazing around at home, or to use as pjs.
  • I also got a plain, cropped boyfriend tee from Primark when I went shopping with Megan, and I wear it all the time.
  • I found this long/short (whatever) sleeved tee on ebay, and it’s got a sweet, little tied knot at the end on the side, to give it some shape!
  • And on to the classic blogger skort I found on ebay…Such a simple, elegant piece, and the cut is perfect! I wore it all the time on holiday.
  • How cute is this bag from Gap?! My mum got it for me as a little treat for the beach, and ohhh, it’s so sweet! The little sunglasses and bright colours really put me in a good mood!


  • Color Tattoos from Maybelline are making a big breakthrough in the beauty world…And I can definitely see why! This was my first try at them (I bought it when I went shopping with Megan), and ohmygiddygumdrops, how beautiful on and on bronze is! Just go test it out…!
  • I got quite a few bits and bobs when I went to the London bloggy meet-up again, and bought this Simple moisturiser (my all-time favourite!), Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick in 001 (such a beautiful colour), Falsies mascara from Maybelline (omgomgomg), and one of Rimmel’s black kohl eyeliners, as I needed a new one!
  • I got this double sided eyeliner from Company magazine, and I was really impressed by the liquid eyeliner! My cousin also really liked it, and wouldn’t stop re-applying it! *Ugh*.;) I didn’t like the pencil side though…It was a real let down when the nib snapped off.
  • This Bumble and Bumble (BB) Thickening hairspray is ah-mazing! Seriously, after straightening my hair, I sprayed this into my roots at the back, to give it some lift and hold…And I could feel that straight away it felt instantly voluminous and lifted! I got it free with Elle, and I’m so happy about it!
  • This is an angel tangle teasing brush, which was a gift from my grandma, as she wouldn’t stop ranting on about how amazing it is! And I can assure you…It is AMAZING! It’s basically the same as the super-hyped up tangle teezers…But the shape, and look of it is so much more cuter! Come on! Little angel wings on a brush?!;)

Tallulah xoxo



Hey lovelies! Okay, so I’m sat on my brother’s bedroom floor at the moment, after doing some work-outs (my brother actually has room to move about in, instead of my cluttered space), searching for clothes and what-not on my laptop, and I came across a few worthy lust-ables…I actually think they’d make a brilliant outfit if they were paired together…But anyway, I think I’m going to get back into my warm bed, as my feet are now turning into blocks of ice…

PicMonkey CollageThe creepers: Come on, doesn’t everyone own a pair of creepers?! Such a classic trend at the moment, and perfect for those days when you just want to be comfy, but want to jazz it up a bit with the little studs!

The oversized sweatshirt: Omg, okay let me try and contain my excitement for this one…JUST LOOK AT IT. Superheroes are all everyone’s talking about, and because we’re now falling into autumn (fall…Hahaha falling into fall…;)), we all need to get our hands on a comfy knit for this season, so this is perfect! Also, as it’s quite a monochrome, dark outfit, the yellow really pops, and gives off some fun colour!

The chunky carrier: I spotted this on Accessorize’s website, and I straight away fell in love! And okay…It’s now gone down from £45, to £13.50…OHMYGOODYGUMDROPS. The stag is a perfect way to add some sparkle, and seriously, if I hadn’t already got a new bag recently, then this would be straight in the shopping basket…

The floaty skater: This is another essential…Especially for a/w! In the colder months, add some tights and a cute wrap-around, and transition this piece for warmer months, by just adding a floaty tee and some converse!

Tallulah xoxo

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Hey lovelies! Asdfghjkl, guess where I went yesterday?! To the lovely Sophie‘s meet-up! We mooched around the London shops, looking at lipstick and muji makeup boxes, and then we went to The Diner in Soho! (Don’t forget the little bit of shopping that was done afterwards!) A bit of mac and a cute little camera shop…(A blogger’s dream!) Here are some of the photos that were taken during the day, and I’m sure many other bloggers will upload photos and blog posts, so you can go check them out, but in the mean time here are some of the piccys I managed to get hold of, and some of the wonderful bloggy peeps I met!

BS_2h8RIcAAIZh3.jpg largeOutside The Diner, waiting for the others! *Hurry up Sophie, you’re missing your own meetup lunch…!;)*

Credits to Jaye.

L-R: Becca, Me, Megan, Sophie, Tanja, Holly, Thalia, Kimberley, Sophie, Perdi.

BTACoBGIMAEhA4C.jpg largeIn The Diner waiting for munchies!

Credits to Jaye.

1274017_435405433234690_1107289351_oMe and the lovely Perdi, Megan and Sophie! (Wonderful background don’tcha think?;))

DSC_0413Me and the lovely Megan and Tanja! I.want.their.clothes.

Credits to Tanja.

2Me and the wonderful Megan. Sorry that it’s such bad quality! (You can find it on my instagram in better quality: @simplytallulah)

1Me and the wonderful Sophie. Sorry that it’s such bad quality! (You can find it on my instagram in better quality: @simplytallulah)

3Me and the wonderful Tanja!

4Me and the wonderful Thalia! (Hey there Tanja!;))

5Munchies time!

7Me, Becca and Megan! (I’m in love with both of their blogs!)

Credits to Becca.

DSC_0112Me and Charlotte! (Been a fan of her blog forever!)

Credits to Sophie.

DSC_0119The whole gang! (My head peeping out over there haha!)

Credits to Sophie.

001Me and Megan on our way to the meet-up!




006& Other Stories.

007& Other Stories.

010& Other Stories.





016My little shopping group!

L-R: Sophie, Becca, Sophie, Thalia, Me, Tanja, Megan.

Aw I had a lovely time, and met and made some lovely bloggerino friends (need to see some of them soon!) Sorry that the photos are in a bit of a random order…But nevertheless, I hope you enjoyed this post!

Tallulah xoxo