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IMG_7306Hey lovelies! (Don’t ask me why I put a random picture of a tree in this post…*Queue relaxing music and tree vibes*). Anyway, today’s post is going to be all about how to maintain your blog, and keep it regularly updated and organised! I have a feeling these few simple tips will help all you bloggy writers out there who have trouble staying on track, including myself!

1. Scheduling. Making sure you keep a schedule is essential; choose days that you want to publish your posts, and try to keep to your schedule!

2. Photos. Making sure you have photos ready beforehand is key, so that when you come to write your post, you already have the pictures that you need. Also, taking photos in bulk is also another good tip!

3. List making. List making will help you when writing posts so that you know what to include. It will also help you when thinking up what topics you want to write about.

4. Writing in advance. This is basically the same as keeping a schedule, but writing in advance will help a lot, so that you don’t have to write your post on the day it goes live, as this may not go to plan!

I hope these tips have helped on trying to stay on top of everything!

Tallulah xoxo


Hey lovelies! Sorry it’s been a while, feels like I haven’t posted in ages! Today I thought I’d start off with a post all about winter style staples. I got the idea from Anna, and I thought it would be awesome to show you what I’ll be wearing this winter!

1455939_478541512254415_88746964_n1. Party dresses. (Like the one above! Sorry it’s a bad photo…) It’s the party season so we obvs need to stock up on pretty dresses, whether they be over-sized tee-shirt dresses, or cute lbds. Pair them with a clutch, kimono and some flats and you’re out the door!

2. Gloves! Of course gloves will just HAVE to make an entrance during winter, as my fingers are always freezing! Whether they’re penguin ones or just plain black, anything will do!

3. Cute little booties are always a must at this time. I need to ditch the summery converse and get on the boot bandwagon!

4. Brogues are pretty cute for this time of year too. Especially for parties when you don’t want to go the whole hog, freezing your tootsies off in heels, or feeling like you’ve gone too far in keeping warm, and have just gone out in UGG boots. (Yolo.)

5. Snoods are an awesome investment. You can get them anywhere, such as Primark for a cheap buy (but just as a warning, my Primark one brought me out in a rash, so just be careful of those ones…) They’re snuggly and warm, and make your outfit that extra bit more special…

6. Gilets have made a big impact on my life as I just love anything big, fluffy and warm! Edged with leather, or just looking like a big ball of fluff, anything will do (as long as it keeps me cosy!)

7. Band tees are everywhere. Vests have been ditched, and boring plain long-sleeves are just too…Boring. Band tees go with everything and anything.

8. Band tees would also look great paired with…A leather jacket! Leather jackets are just anyone’s essential during winter, and even summer. My friend (hey Ciara;)) told me the other day that she didn’t own a leather jacket, and I just stared at her in awe…And agony.

What are your winter style staples?

Tallulah xoxo

005Hey lovelies! So third post of the day…It’s mostly because I’m really ill at the moment, so I have loads of time to just…Blog! But…Hmmm, yeah, feeling very ill at the moment actually, so this might just have to be a quickie!

I never really get to paint my nails, because of school and everything, but whenever I get the chance, I really like to go for it! (Of course, I can obviously paint my tootsies, but because it’s now getting into a/w…I doubt I’ll really have a chance to show them off, eh?!)

I like to take extra care of my nails (I sort of neglect my feet a bit though, which is kinda, erm, grim), but I obviously like to keep them clean and cut into little ovals and filed! (I cut my toenails into squares though) But no one likes chips and chaps, so making sure any polish that is chipped is removed is key, and then I can get going on my next polish! I like to also buff my nails, and moisturise my hands in the mean time. I also like any type of top/base coat applied over the top of any polish I choose, as this gives it a nice, smooth sheen.

So…Some pretty autumnal nail polishes that I’ve been going for recently, and shall be going for next (maybe a nice red for halloween?!) are as follows:

1. Rimmel London 60 Seconds Black Out: Who doesn’t love a black polish…Especially as we’re getting into the colder months!

2. Rimmel London 60 Seconds Central Love Heart: As I said, this could definitely be the perfect red for halloween! (And of course, the perfect red for any occasion obviously;))

3. Seventeen Off The Wall Graffiti Nail Effects Monochrome: Perfect for any night out, or just to jazz up any outfit to add interest! Subtle, but fun!

Tallulah xoxo

131003-192430Hey lovelies! Now that we’re getting into the colder months…(OMG CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!) Cosy nights in are always essential, and come on, who doesn’t love chilling in a onesie with a bucketful of cookies and hot chocolate at night?! Oh, and sorry if I look quite creepy in this picture hahaha, it’s me with a cookie in a cup on a cosy night in;)

Guide to having a super-awesome party at home…By yourself:

Step 1: Remove all make-up. Yup, feels so good, right?!

Step 2: Get them masks out! Pop on a little mask (any, ya knowww), I’m in love with Ren’s Glycolactic Renewal Mask (as you know)!

Step 3: Moisturise your lips (for kissing later…JOKE IT’S JUST YOU TONIGHT. ALL ABOUT YOU.) But seriously, moisturising is essential for keeping your lips in tip-top condition, especially as the colder months will dry them out! (I love baby lips and vaseline!)

Step 4: Get out your mani and pedi tools! (Post on that coming real soon!) Brush up on your tootsies with your favourite polish…Rimmel do ah-mazing ones, oh my.

Step 5: Gather food! Make some chai lattes or hot chocolate and grab some cookies!

Step 6: Entertain yourself with awesome things…Books, your phone, the tv, your laptop…My blog?;)

Step 7: Get comfy! Get into your pjs (or onesie in my case!), chuck on some slippers (I don’t like my feet being solid ice blocks.) and pile on snuggly jumpers!

Ta-dah! Doesn’t that feel good?!;)

Tallulah xoxo

013Hey lovelies! So hair. I recently got my hair ‘trimmed’…Well I wanted about an inch off and my mum took off a whole chunk. I hated it, as I was known for having my hair quite long, and I wanted to keep it long, but healthy so that it would grow a lot longer…And my mum ended up ruining it. But then…Yes, I grew to love it, and it wasn’t even that short! (Drama queen alert). I love how it makes me feel like a new and better me. Ya know when just a little thing makes you feel that little bit different?! If you ever want a change, then changing your hair is the best thing. Even if it’s just trying out a new hairstyle! My hair felt lush. It felt new, cuter, bouncy, and full of life again! I think it’s perfect for starting a new year at school…Feeling fresh and raring to go. So let’s take a look at my holy grail products for keeping my hair voluminous, protected and soft!

1. VO5 Give Me Texture Tousled Style Spray: I love this product. This literally does exactly what it says on the bottle. It gives texture, and lifts my hair, making it tousled, and perfect for styling!

2. Fantasia Hair Polisher Heat Protector Straightening Serum: Before straightening my hair or blow drying, I squeeze enough serum to reach every bit of hair into my palm, and just massage it into my locks. This just helps protect my hair from the nasty heat, whilst still giving it shine and helping keep my hair straight!

3. Percy&Reed Volumising No Oil…Oil: At first I didn’t really like this, but I now use it quite a lot, as I love it! I use it to define and texturise my curls, and squeeze a smidgen into my palm and rub it through my locks for a finishing touch after blow drying!

4. Trevor Sorbie Goop: This shines and defines…Who would have guessed…Haha;) It also has amazing benefits like Vitamin E, helps protect from heat too(!), helps protect from sun damage and also helps style and keep shiny! Just a great product all in one.

Tallulah xoxo

Now listening to:

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009Hey lovelies! I recently got involved in taking part in Kirsty‘s series of guest posts, and I thought I’d just share the post with you just in case you hadn’t seen it! Also, go check out Kirsty’s blog, who’s I did the post for, and I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing the post on here! As you’ll see at the beginning of the post, I was so honoured to be a part of her blog, as her blog is genuinely one of my favourites! So here it is, and I just copied and pasted it (apart from the little intro)!

1. The playsuit: Any types of playsuits/jumpsuits/all-in-ones…Whatever you call it are perfect for these summer months, as they’re so easy to just pop on whenever you’re feeling lazy and hot, and they don’t mean having to pick out different bits of clothing! This one is from Primark, and I love how it reminds you a bit of sailors with the cute collar and button detailing! This one is also puffy which looks girlish and cute, and it also looks a lot like denim…Which is always a plus when it’s actually so much lighter than denim! Such nifty little things to get your little mitts on!

2. The slouchy knit: It’s too hot to wear heavy layering cardigans, and your old knitted jumper, so one of these thin slouchy knits it perfect for chucking over a cute dress or outfit when you’re hurrying out the door. This one’s from Oasis, and was a great find from a local swish (clothes swap) that I went to…It was brand new! See? You never know what you’ll find when hunting around for bargains!

3. The skater skirt: Okay, I’d say this is a must…Seriously, this beauty is great for going out in the evenings, and not wanting some big dress on that will make you melt! I like the plain black ones that you can find at H&M (cute zip detailing is a plus!) And I just like to pair it with a simple tee during the day, or at night with a cute blazer!

4. The over-sized tee: Any baggy plain tees are super-cute and totally say ‘minimal effort, maximum impact’. Go crazy with brights, or tone it down for a girly pastel hue…Whatever your style, these are the bomb-diggity. This one I found cheap at Primark!

5. The simple dress: Any simple dresses are great for summer nights, or just for during the day. This one from H&M is so cute with timeless stripes, and little puffy sleeves and buttons down the middle. The cinched in waist and puffy skirt make curves look amazing…Add a floral headband to complete the look!

6. The cropped tee: Any cropped tees are obviously great for summer and getting a bit of skin showing! I’m not that into the tight cropped tees, as I don’t love my stomach too much, so this one from Primark which just falls into place nicely is perfect for hiding that fact! I also love pairing them with chunky gold jewellery, or maybe just opt for a tee that has a cute slogan or motif on it!

I suppose I just love H&M and Primark this summer! What are your summer wardrobe essentials?

Tallulah xo

008Hey lovelies! So this Summer we want to look as glowing and fresh-faced as possible in the scorching sun. We may look a bit sweaty, but that can mean looking dewy and sun-kissed at the same time…You can easily freshen up your face by brightening up your eyes a little! Today I’m just going to talk about a few beauties that I think are worth a little mention for their dazzling qualities when it comes to brightening eyes, and also just a few ways to open up your eyes and make them sparkle!

1. Rimmel Glam’Eyes eyeshadow trio: I use the white shade in this trio to highlight around my brow bone, and I also add a little bit to the inner corners of my eyes just to make them seem wider and more awake. Investing in any white eyeshadow or eyeliner is perfect for opening up eyes!

2. Gold eyeliner: I can’t remember where this eyeliner is from…I think I got it from a magazine, but getting any gold eyeliner/eyeshadow stick is great for also making eyes pop! You can also use this for the inner corners of your eyes, and for an extra dazzle, line your bottom lash line with this baby, and it works a treat!

3. Maybelline Color Tattoo in On and On Bronze: This is new to me, but oh so amazing! One sweep of this over your eyelid and you’re good to go! It glides on perfectly, and the more…The better! Pack on the gold, and this will just emphasize your eyes so blooming much, you’ll want to slather it all over your body!

Finish with a flick of eyeliner and a sweep of mascara and you’re out the door!

Wow, was I maybe a bit too enthusiastic?!

Tallulah xoxo