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131225-145120 131225-145413 131223-141314 131225-220215Hey lovelies! Wow, I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! (Or just a lovely day if you don’t celebrate it!:)) I know I did, looky, I got a new guitar and it is beautiful!:’) THIS IS MAHOGANY! (All my fellow Hunger Games fans will get that quote;)) My new dress is pictured below, and then my awesome stripy jumper which was taken a while back, and my new spotty onesie! If you guys want me to do a haul, then just comment below, because I know a few people (including myself) like reading or watching hauls, but it’s in no way bragging! I just personally find them fun to watch, but I don’t know whether I should?

I hope you all have a very lovely Boxing day, and I shall be chilling with the family eating a ton of food like yesterday, recovering from this darn cold that I’ve suddenly got and watching some sleepy Christmas films! What will you be doing?

Tallulah xoxo


977652_416857441756156_1498934721_oHey lovelies! So I’m a little early on the regular Sunday post, aren’t I?! But I really felt like posting this now, as I’d written it all out, and might not have time tomorrow! This week all I’ve done was go to school…So I thought, well, what’s the point in me telling you what I’ve done this week? So I thought, that maybe on weeks like this, when I’m stuck on what to say about my week, or I haven’t done anything too interesting, I could just post a few pictures that I took that week from my webcam, or maybe just do a little rambly post instead? Anywho, here you are! I’m just spending my time this weekend reading about Victoria‘s giveaway, and watching Harry Potter, just to recover from my first proper week at school! What will you be doing? (Oh, and up above is a little throwback of Me and Megan on Brighton pier from the Summer!)

130505-123614130904-125815130905-191420Tallulah xoxo

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