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131022-172330Hey lovelies! *asdfghjkl* I’m such a bad blogger. Obviously this post was supposed to go up on Sunday *duh Tallulah*, but being the worst blogger ever, it’s two days late! Anyway, I still wanted to just have a little rambly post, so hellooo Sundays/Tuesdays? post! I thought some cosy pictures of me in my favourite jumper (doing awkward poses obvs) would make you smile though, because they’re so cringey!;)


School. Oh yay.


Got the flu. Literally sneezing and coughing up snot every 5 seconds. (Nice picture, right?!;)) Grim.

On the Friday, I did actually go to a Halloween festival in the evening, as I had been looking forward to it for ages, and had already paid for my ticket! I felt a bit better, so me and my friends trekked up to the festival and had an amazing time being terrified for our lives!


Felt a bit worse from screaming my head off the night before, leaving me with a sore throat and headache, but I still went out to my ickle cousin’s birthday party and had a blast!


I made crepes. Omg yum. Liana‘s crepes are amazing! I also just watched the Hobbit in the evening with the family! (Oooh, and I also had dreaded music theory in the morning!)

131022-172420Tallulah xoxo


output_kc6rkWHey lovelies! So I managed to make a few gifs…And I really hope they work when I publish this…I’m crossing my fingers!;) (Click on them) Anyway, so this week has been a mixture of ups and downs…

So this week at school has been really stressful, and one day I had an extremely painful tummy ache which was horrible, and every day I seemed to have had a headache…I think I may need to go get my eyes tested or go to the doctors, as this seems to be a common thing for me. I also now  have a cold, so it gets better and better…

But do you want to hear the good part?! Well, I went to Chichester! I posted about it yesterday, so please go check it out! My grandparents kindly took me to a Paolozzi art exhibition, and it was amazing!

What’s your week been like?

output_i5W4CRTallulah xoxo

131001-191729Hey lovelies! Hahaha, look at my mahooosive eyebrows! Do you like them?! Sorry, odd way to start a post, but don’t worry, it’s a joke…They don’t suit me at all! Anyway, I may be late on the usual Sunday post, but I still think it’s in order!

Today I thought I’d talk about Tolly’s post on the ultimate guide to being a teenager…Now, it was absolutely awesome (go check it out now, omg), and I thought I’d maybe just let you know about all the tips and thingymajigs that she pointed out…Along with other sorts of thingys I thought deserved a mention, as I am a teenager, and I thought maybe I could talk about these types of things to just help anyone out there…Let me be your agony aunt for the day…Hahaha;)

So she pointed out the fact that we all seem to be insecure about a few certain things:

1. Being different.

The one thing that goes through everyone’s mind, is if we’re weird, or if what we’re doing isn’t perfectly normal. None of us seem to want to be ‘different’, even though it’s a good thing! No one wants to be ‘mainstream’, or be completely identical and like twin zombies! We want to like different things and have different hobbies and talents, instead of being the same! Being normal isn’t important, and being different is like a gift! If anyone thinks differently…Well, all I can say is, don’t give in to them. It’s a good thing!

2. Spots.

Yes, many girls are completely obsessed with their looks and like to pile on as much foundation etc. as possible, but to be honest, instead of being harsh and mean about these certain things, try to think about it from their point of view…They may feel rather insecure about spots, or under-eye circles etc. and it doesn’t mean you need to judge them for apparently being vain. Most of us don’t have completely perfect skin, so applying make-up can make us feel a lot better, but just remember…You’re not alone!

3. Size.

Whether you think you’re too skinny, small, large, tall, flat chested or with a large chest area, and you’re feeling rather ugly about yourself…PLEASE DON’T. I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH. Having insecurities is perfectly normal, but seriously, we all develop at different rates and at different times, so no, we’re not all going to be the perfect size, or the same size…None of us are! You really shouldn’t worry…If you have a healthy diet, it will probably be just because you’re size can change all the time, and especially because you’re going through puberty! You’re just developing and everything takes time!

Flaunt what you’ve got, and just remember, nobody’s perfect.

Tallulah xoxo

1238290_446820015426565_722454809_nHey lovelies! I’ve had such a hectic week, it’s unreal. Let me just go straight in to it…

Monday – Thursday:

Full on back-to-school work, and so many people’s birthdays…Which leads me onto the next three days…

Friday – Sunday:

It was my birthday on Friday! I turned 15, which is too weird, and creepy, and just asdfghjkl! And so my friends made loads of my teachers sing to me, and just basically humiliated me…Out of love apparently;) I then got back home after missing the bus, and having to walk for ages through my village in the heat, and when I got back, I opened all my lovely little presents! My family then came round for dinner, and afterwards I went out with my friends, and then came back to watch Kick-Ass!

On Saturday I woke up bright and early and went busking with my friend at a local hall in my village! I played the cello whilst she played the violin, and we made some cash! I then went back home and got ready to go out again to do some shopping with my money at New Look, some birthday party food shopping (I shall get onto that in a sec), and to also…Get my ears pierced! I came back with a bunch of clothes and nice new earrings, and started getting changed for my little party, and my friends came over for some food, movies and a sleepover!

That leads me onto today…So I woke up to all these people in my house watching films, and then got ready to go busking AGAIN! So I made everyone leave…Haha;) And then went back to the hall along with my guitar this time, to earn some more money! I think I can now pay back all the people I owe money to…Wooops;)

Tallulah xoxo


977652_416857441756156_1498934721_oHey lovelies! So I’m a little early on the regular Sunday post, aren’t I?! But I really felt like posting this now, as I’d written it all out, and might not have time tomorrow! This week all I’ve done was go to school…So I thought, well, what’s the point in me telling you what I’ve done this week? So I thought, that maybe on weeks like this, when I’m stuck on what to say about my week, or I haven’t done anything too interesting, I could just post a few pictures that I took that week from my webcam, or maybe just do a little rambly post instead? Anywho, here you are! I’m just spending my time this weekend reading about Victoria‘s giveaway, and watching Harry Potter, just to recover from my first proper week at school! What will you be doing? (Oh, and up above is a little throwback of Me and Megan on Brighton pier from the Summer!)

130505-123614130904-125815130905-191420Tallulah xoxo

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969656_392758917499342_566147323_nHey lovelies! Time for another little Sunday post, and look what I found?! A little throwback from when me and Megan were photoshooting our outfit posts together! (I’ve made my mind up.)


Did absolutely nothing, apart from the odd bit of art and taking my brother to the park, just getting ready for school!


Arghhh back to school! Was quite a hectic day, with new teachers, and the fact that it was swelteringly hot! But all in all, a good start to a new school year, apart from the fact that they keep thinking that I’m wearing lipstick, even though it’s just tinted lip balm…! (Revlon lip butter in 063 Wild Watermelon is not lipstick…)


So, another day in school, and thank goodness it wasn’t as hot as the day before, but it was raining, which was even more of a drag, especially for my hair, ugh! But it ended well, with my friend’s birthday party, and just playing silly old school games like ‘catch the flag’, ‘the chocolate game’ and ‘twister’!


THE BEST DAY. Me and seven of my friends all went paintballing! I’ve been before, so I knew what to expect, and ohemgee, it was scary, but so much fun! I really recommend going, but we had no chest protection, as there was none left (UNFAIRS, GOSH WE’RE GIRLS!), and I ended up with millions of cuts and bruises, and paint all over me! There were some really sexist guys, which made me angry, so I got quite a few of them out, and ugh, some guy even made me surrender whilst I nearly got this guy out! Grrr, but ohhh how I’m aching today! Gosh, you can’t of imagined how amazing a bath was last night!


Today just occurs of reading in bed (the help and instyle!), watching dark shadows (gracie all the way!), doing some ultra-boring homework, recovering from bruises (ouchie!) and blogging!

How are you spending today?

Tallulah xoxo

130826-171703Hey lovelies! Sorry I didn’t post this yesterday! I was working, but I thought I’d still update you on my life…Even if it can be rather boring;) It was also my 1 year bloggiversary on Saturday, and this is in fact my 200th post! So wooo!!!


I met up with Megan and we did a little photoshoot of our outfits (Pushin on) We then chilled out and watched Sucker Punch, because we felt cool like that. (The picture at the top is, yes, of us two pulling silly faces…;))


I can’t even remember what I did, so it can’t have been too exciting…My mind is like a goldfish.


I helped out with my little brother’s birthday party, and my friend came round, and we were both little slaves for the day, preparing food, and nearly being hit by footballs in the head…


A work day. All I can really say…Just work.


I was also working on Friday, but I got to take my little brother to the new park near us, which was cute.


I had such a lovely time at Sophie‘s London bloggy meetup! Check out my previous post for all the lovely gossip! (Haul coming soon…;))


I was such a lazy bum that I spent the morning sleeping and staring at my computer wishing it was Saturday still! But then I had to pay off for it in the afternoon, doing work…But I got to watch a few sneaky films too! (10 things I hate about you, (yaryaryar) and The devil wears prada)

What did you do this fine week? Oooh and you’re lucky, as I’m going to be posting another post later (about 5 o ‘clock maybe?!) So you’ll have 3 posts today, as I felt a bit bad about not posting for the last few days! (You lucky people;))

Tallulah xoxo