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66Hey lovelies! This is just a round up of what I’ve been up to this last week before I go back to school…(PLEASE NO, PLEASE NO.)

1. Had a fabbity-fab day out in London with my beautiful cousin, Beth. We strolled around Camden for a bit, snapping away like little photographers (photo-heavy post coming soon!) We took to some stalls and bought cute little friendship bracelets, and invested in a healthy kale juice to keep us energized on the go! We also went to one of the cheap little shops and bought loads of cute rings! After we’d finished with Camden, we caught the tube to Oxford street and rummaged around in H&M and Primark for cute clothes! I have to say…Oxford Street’s Primark is horrendous. It’s massive and crowded…I hated it, ugh. We then went off to Ed’s Diner for fries, burgers, onion rings and sweet potato fries! Don’t forget the little photo-booth machine we came across…

2. Oh my, The Inbetweeners 2 is hilarious! I recommend it for a girly day out with friends for a good ol’ laugh! I personally think it’s a lot funnier than the first film, and me, Amber and Katie couldn’t help cracking up every five minutes!

3. I did the dreaded school shop the other day, and after about two shops looking for shoes, I’d given up and started moaning that I wanted to go home! I love clothes and all that material stuff, but I haaate shopping…I’d much rather shop online, and it’s even worse considering it’s shopping for school clothes! I found some awesome black patent brogues though, which I said I’d wear for school…Even though they’re gorgeous and are most certainly going to be worn out and about everywhere I go! I also got my hideous school skirt, but ended up getting a lovely treat from Costa at the end (a Raspberry and White Chocolate Creamy Cooler and a lovely piece of coffee and hazelnut cake!)

4. I had a lovely catch-up with my bestie, Jenny, since she’s just gotten back from the US! I’m a lucky girly, I got given a few awesome prezzies, which will be up in a haul soon! We also took part in the Ice Bucket Challenge (yes, there were screams), and ended up at a pet store looking at adorable rabbits, hamsters and guinea pigs! (Zoe, I blame you for this!)

5. It was my brother’s birthday recently, so I ended up baking his birthday cake and all the little cupcakes…It took me FIVE HOURS, WHAT. But they came out perrrfectly, so it was well worth it!

6. I went to a friend’s party with Tasha, Emillie and Kim, and it was such fun! (Ooh, another Miranda reference, oops!)

7. My family tend to throw little gatherings and get-togethers from time-to-time, so this annual event took place the other day, and we all went down to the beach to search for crabs, fly kites and toast marshmallows! It was lovely catching up with all my family too!

How’s your week been?

Tallulah xoxo

P.S. I of course found these pictures on the one, the only…

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10000111 222 333 444 555 666 666 777 888 999 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 8000 9000 Hey lovelies! I just wanted to write a quick tumblr-esque over-load post (find all the pictures on my tumblr here) just to briefly update you all on why I haven’t been blogging that much recently and won’t be over the next few weeks. My life recently has been taken over by revising for exams, endless quantities of homework, getting course-work grades, trying to figure out what to do for DofE, school play rehearsals and too many orchestra practices. Yep, how fun…This will finally calm down on Valentine’s day when I finally get another mid-term break…I think that whole week I will just sleep and relax. Sleep and relax.

How’s your week been?

Tallulah xoxo

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105Hey lovelies! Today’s post is just a quickie, as I’m feeling the need for an early night…I did a cute mini interview over on the lbloggerschat blog, and I thought that I would share it with you, just in case you hadn’t seen it…I hope you like it!:)

The interview:

Hey lovelies! I’m Tallulah, and I blog over at Simply My Thing! Okay, so if you already follow my blog, you will know that I mostly blog all about fashion and beauty, (I am obsessed. Help me.) but I LOVE to blog about everything and anything as well…I’m 15 years old (I started my blog at 13), and I am LOVING it! I love reading blogs and just gathering loads of inspiration to blog and write about!

Before I started blogging, I read a few blogs, including Arabella, Shiny Thoughts and Wish Wish Wish! I loved their style and how their personalities shone out in their writing…Plus, I am obsessed with the photography over on Carrie’s blog…It’s just ah-mazing! This is basically how I caught the blogging bug! That, and magazines, as well as my aunty and cousin, who kept telling me to make a blog, as I was always reading, writing and informing everyone on advice for fashion and make-up!

My favourite thing about blogging has got to be all the wonderful bloggers and blogs that you discover and get to meet! I recently went to Sophie etc.’s London Bloggy Meet-Up, and it was an amazing opportunity, to get to meet so many wonderful bloggers, including the one and only Lisette from Lisette Loves! (Such an inspiration for me!)
My most read post is about DIY youtubers that I love…I published it quite a while back, and I’m quite shocked at how many views it got, considering it’s actually quite poor! (Well that’s what I think, ugh, never satisfied!)
What’s my favourite post?! Hmmm, that’s a tricky one…I don’t know, probably one of my OOTD posts…I really like my Pushin’ On post, as I got a lot of views for that, and loads of compliments!
Life hacks? Well I’ll give you a beauty hack! Waterproof mascara is so difficult to get off sometimes, (!!!) but if you just use a bit of oil (olive oil is easy), massage a little bit into your lashes until the mascara starts to break away, wipe if off using a cotton pad, and then rinse, then it’s all done in a jiffy!
My favourite blogger at the moment is definitely Kayla Hadlington! Her style is just incredible…So wacky, but extremely beautiful! She really inspires me to mix different trends and pieces, and to just go for it and not care about following trends or worry about what people think! She also has so many amazing items of clothing, and I adore her hair and of course, her personality!
Thank you so much for interviewing me @LbloggersChat! It’s such an honour and I really enjoyed answering these questions alotalotalot!
Tallulah xoxo

131022-172330Hey lovelies! *asdfghjkl* I’m such a bad blogger. Obviously this post was supposed to go up on Sunday *duh Tallulah*, but being the worst blogger ever, it’s two days late! Anyway, I still wanted to just have a little rambly post, so hellooo Sundays/Tuesdays? post! I thought some cosy pictures of me in my favourite jumper (doing awkward poses obvs) would make you smile though, because they’re so cringey!;)


School. Oh yay.


Got the flu. Literally sneezing and coughing up snot every 5 seconds. (Nice picture, right?!;)) Grim.

On the Friday, I did actually go to a Halloween festival in the evening, as I had been looking forward to it for ages, and had already paid for my ticket! I felt a bit better, so me and my friends trekked up to the festival and had an amazing time being terrified for our lives!


Felt a bit worse from screaming my head off the night before, leaving me with a sore throat and headache, but I still went out to my ickle cousin’s birthday party and had a blast!


I made crepes. Omg yum. Liana‘s crepes are amazing! I also just watched the Hobbit in the evening with the family! (Oooh, and I also had dreaded music theory in the morning!)

131022-172420Tallulah xoxo

output_kc6rkWHey lovelies! So I managed to make a few gifs…And I really hope they work when I publish this…I’m crossing my fingers!;) (Click on them) Anyway, so this week has been a mixture of ups and downs…

So this week at school has been really stressful, and one day I had an extremely painful tummy ache which was horrible, and every day I seemed to have had a headache…I think I may need to go get my eyes tested or go to the doctors, as this seems to be a common thing for me. I also now  have a cold, so it gets better and better…

But do you want to hear the good part?! Well, I went to Chichester! I posted about it yesterday, so please go check it out! My grandparents kindly took me to a Paolozzi art exhibition, and it was amazing!

What’s your week been like?

output_i5W4CRTallulah xoxo

131001-191729Hey lovelies! Hahaha, look at my mahooosive eyebrows! Do you like them?! Sorry, odd way to start a post, but don’t worry, it’s a joke…They don’t suit me at all! Anyway, I may be late on the usual Sunday post, but I still think it’s in order!

Today I thought I’d talk about Tolly’s post on the ultimate guide to being a teenager…Now, it was absolutely awesome (go check it out now, omg), and I thought I’d maybe just let you know about all the tips and thingymajigs that she pointed out…Along with other sorts of thingys I thought deserved a mention, as I am a teenager, and I thought maybe I could talk about these types of things to just help anyone out there…Let me be your agony aunt for the day…Hahaha;)

So she pointed out the fact that we all seem to be insecure about a few certain things:

1. Being different.

The one thing that goes through everyone’s mind, is if we’re weird, or if what we’re doing isn’t perfectly normal. None of us seem to want to be ‘different’, even though it’s a good thing! No one wants to be ‘mainstream’, or be completely identical and like twin zombies! We want to like different things and have different hobbies and talents, instead of being the same! Being normal isn’t important, and being different is like a gift! If anyone thinks differently…Well, all I can say is, don’t give in to them. It’s a good thing!

2. Spots.

Yes, many girls are completely obsessed with their looks and like to pile on as much foundation etc. as possible, but to be honest, instead of being harsh and mean about these certain things, try to think about it from their point of view…They may feel rather insecure about spots, or under-eye circles etc. and it doesn’t mean you need to judge them for apparently being vain. Most of us don’t have completely perfect skin, so applying make-up can make us feel a lot better, but just remember…You’re not alone!

3. Size.

Whether you think you’re too skinny, small, large, tall, flat chested or with a large chest area, and you’re feeling rather ugly about yourself…PLEASE DON’T. I CAN’T STRESS THIS ENOUGH. Having insecurities is perfectly normal, but seriously, we all develop at different rates and at different times, so no, we’re not all going to be the perfect size, or the same size…None of us are! You really shouldn’t worry…If you have a healthy diet, it will probably be just because you’re size can change all the time, and especially because you’re going through puberty! You’re just developing and everything takes time!

Flaunt what you’ve got, and just remember, nobody’s perfect.

Tallulah xoxo

130929-142730Hey lovelies! I don’t have much to say about my week, apart from the fact that I had a half day and inset day at school, and that I went to a little party thing. I don’t even have any webcam pictures to update you with, so today’s post will just be about an issue that I would like to discuss…

I was watching Fabulous Fashionistas over on Channel 4 (check it out omg, so inspiring!), and one woman was seeing if anyone from the fashion industry, or any fashion magazines, would take her in to do some modelling for them. Now, this woman was quite old, yes, but so very beautiful, and the fact that they were all saying the same types of things, ‘the fashion world wants a figure to aspire to, and the fashion world don’t want older people in their magazines, blablabla’, and I thought it was disgusting. I would love older woman in magazines that I read! I’d love to aspire to be a brilliant, wonderful woman when I’m older…And just look at Twiggy! She’s still going with her modelling, so why can’t any other older woman join in?! Especially as they were basically bringing this woman down, and in a way, offending her. (Well, I know that if I was in her shoes, I’d be offended!) I really do think that just being old, and growing old isn’t something to frown upon, and that it really isn’t something to be worried about, or to hate it. It’s just life, and all life is beautiful, and in the end, she only really wanted to ask if she could do the modelling, to see what people’s perception of older woman, and older people in general, were. It’s really nothing to be scared of, and I don’t understand it. Instead we choose to have airbrushed woman, who we apparently ‘aspire’ to be like on the front of our covers…I don’t know, it just annoys me…

What do you think? Do you agree, or disagree with me?

Tallulah xoxo